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  1. Is there still a clan chat used by tip.it members? I haven't played RS or used tip.it in 6 years but I was watching some RS videos on youtube and they made me itch for some castlewars. And since you can buy membership with gp I don't have to give Jagex any money. Last I remember it was Forsakenmage.
  2. Blast from the past Been 4 years Sent ya a PM Still playing? get a life scrublord
  3. Three years of disconnection with their playerbase, Under 600k members, the complete stall of the mechscape/stellar dawn project, the flop of funorb, a middle finger to free to play players and a website which is both visually chaotic and difficult to navigate. No one but Jagex could do such a terrible job. I don't know how anyone who remembers the days of Jagex being competent could stand to play this game anymore. I'm certainly glad I left when I did.
  4. Disregard this poster he is too busy browsing tif to return my claws Levels do help in dung but the difference isn't huge, get rapier. If you like dung get bonecrusher and herbicide too, they will pay off in the long run. Gem bag is dirt cheap. Summoning will come with slayer as you collect charms, don't worry about it. For slayer buy stuff in thiis order: berserker ring -> fury -> super antifire -> extremes -> turmoil -> overloads If you choose to use bandos get it last.
  5. The new cannon looks awful and all the smithing update did was speed up experience. You can now level your useless skill faster, to reach nothing. This is what it took Jagex well over a year to come up with? Smithing still only has purpose in dungeonering, this update changed nothing.
  6. There are hoardes of ways to train magic while doing other skills, magic shouldn't be done on the weekend. Everyone should have their ighest trees/fruit trees/calquat planted so they can take a few minutes to get a lot of farming xp right at the beginning.
  7. Get 70 prayer and piety, and a bunyip (68 summoning) with swallow whole scrolls. Use a zamorakian spear or saradomin sword, karils top and bottom, neit, a godcloak, glory/fury, d boots, and your best gloves. Pray protection from range and piety.
  8. Curses suck without turmoil.
  9. Cape emote changes depending on your attack bonus. Wear rings.
  10. Soulsplitting corp will prevent death from magic splash damage (with correct timing) due to the same mechanic, you can see it at least once in that vid of someone killing corp without supplies.
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