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  1. If I add dragon pickaxe and hatchet to my tool belt, are they safe if I die?
  2. I logged in and im in lumbridge. I no longer have p2p but I can get it back anytime. Can someone fill me in on major updates and things that have changed. My stats were pretty high before I stopped playing so Im not really limited on what I can do. Thanks
  3. How do I get back to Ape atoll to train agaility at the course there? Also, what is the best food to use while training agility at ape atoll?
  4. As far as I know waterfiends are the best place to get crimsons charms. That being said, What are the required melee combat stats need to kill waterfiends?
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Sargas


    When is ZMI profitable? Im currently 62 rcing and was wondering when I should switch from nats to it for a better profit.
  7. I have Sara Sword. I also have about 40m I could spend on gear if needed.
  8. With my stats and your advice on gear setup, Can I kill them to gain a decent amount of Crimson charms? STATS Att: 80 Def: 75 Str: 80 Hp: 79 Range: 70 Mage: 73 Prayer: 62(can get 70 easily if needed) Summoning: 51(need charms for higher level)
  9. Sargas


    I'd advise you to go ahead and train your mining to 77 for concentrated coal at least or go for 80 for the gold. The gold is great exp and cash plus if you have goldsmith gauntlets you can get some good exp off the gold you mine.
  10. Here is a good site with alot of calculators for you to see the profit/loss rate per exp. Wiki Calculators!
  11. My stats are located in my sig but what are the suggested levels for killing waterfiends for charms? If my stats are too low please tell me what to train and where to train?
  12. I have cooking gloves but I can changed to Chaos. Whats a good setup for metals?
  13. Am I high enough level to mage metal dragon?
  14. Is there a good guide out there for training melee/range/mage? If not can you inform me on the the best place to train that is close to a bank, drops charms, etc. My stats are listed in my sig. thanks
  15. For my Fire Giant slayer task: Best place to kill? EDIT: Best Method to kill with ranged?(Gear setup, food, etc.)
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