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  1. thats a little out of my price range im not to worryed about slayer xp speed out of curiosity wont barrarge spells only hit multiple targets in a multicombat zone? or atlest thats how i remember them working
  2. ah thanks just picked up bandos boots my setup is full slayer helm,fury, verac top/legs,RFD gloves,bandos boots,fero/warrior ring, skill cape (t), vine whip+EE what tasks are worth useing mage/range before EoC changes i only ever used melee with slayer
  3. thanks for the reply most of what you said i already have as i didnt sell anything when i quit what is t7 armor? will look at getting some of those things out of what you said what requires quests/dungeoneering? id like to stay away from combat quests for now with the combat changes and dungeoneering isnt a skill i like as i only like to play solo and its painfully slow solo
  4. i came back to RS today havent played in over 1 year id like to finish getting 99 slayer but with the combat change most of the stuff i remember no longer works are there any good guide to setups for slaying i dont have that much cash to spend only around 40m also how are tasks with protection prayers done now with them only protecting 50% of the dmg?
  5. your not the only one who is confused i went back to playing today after over a year of not playing and i was confused as hell when i logged on just going to take a while to get to use to i think
  6. thats not realy a option i hate DG with a passion hence why i am only 45
  7. i would like to try make around 100m for 95 prayer id rarther not boss hunt so DK/GWD/TDs is out of the question is there any other ways to make 800k+ per hr that overly boring? i already do MTK and im starting to collect my dailys
  8. after not playing for around 4 months decided to start playing again hopefully il get 99 slay this time first task in a while a nice free 800k and most dboots ive had in a task just 3 to go
  9. gargamel is amazing you spawn in a dark cave once your out its a massive canyon cliffs on both sides to the clouds spawn outside the cave
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4qQHWP0GXg&annotation_id=annotation_23035&feature=iv after watching this i wish i could use redstone like that just blew my mind just thinking how long it took him to make it
  11. Happy birthday :D

  12. has anyone noticed that Lapis Lazuli ore now gives 6 dye insted of 1 like a few days ago ? should make blue/purple wool easyer to get EDIT: just finished my sky bridge linking mine 1 and 2 spoils of that trip i leave coal as im not in need of any atm got 20 full stacks
  13. Funny how thay know thay dont stand a chance yet thay still come :twisted:
  14. after changeing to ret on my pally im finding its alot more suited to me got to 41 now and have around 900 gold just from mineing/herb just 1 problem is what would be best glyphs from a lvl 41 ret pally atm i have none i didnt even know that existed till today?
  15. been playing almost 2 weeks now got to 36 on a pally and loveing it so far just one problem is atm im holy on talents would it be wise to change to retribution as id like better damage rarther then healing and from what i hear haveing your first char as i healer is quite complex?
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