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  1. My_Eggs


    Just been playing video games all day. I listened to Burn by Usher for the first time in a long while today and my God that man is describing how I'm feeling right now. "I'm twisted cause one side of me is telling me that I need to move on. On the other side I wanna break down and cry". Why the hell do I have to miss my ex so [bleep]ing bad. Honestly, I know I should just move on, but I can't get her out of my freaking head. I talked to her four or five days ago (don't say that I could get her out of my head if I stopped talking to her, I went a month without seeing or hearing from her and she still managed to work her way back into my thoughts) and she told me she misses me, still loves me, isn't dating anyone else and hasn't been feeling like dating since we broke up. She told me I'm the only guy she wants to be with, but she's moved back to her home town which is like 4-6 hours from me (not doable when I have no car and will be starting college in a few months most likely). FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-. Ugh, I'm really stressing over this whole thing. I want to be with her, but I don't see how I could make it work. If I can't be with her, I want to get her out of my head, but again I don't see how I can make it work... No matter what I do my mind creeps back to thinking about her, whether I'm playing video games, watching television, fishing, trying to go to sleep, etc. All day I'm thinking about her and it sucks because I know that nothing will probably come of us anymore. [bleep], I'm gettin all up in my feelings right now, water works are on their way. :cry: I'm gonna go take a shower...
  2. My_Eggs


    Went to the dentist today for the first time in about a year. Had to get one filling which sucked because I HATE needles, so when it's going into my mouth it's even worse. Some good came out of the visit though, the assistant was a cute blond girl who is 23 (I'm 18). While waiting for the numbing shot to kick in the dentist went off to do something else and left the two of us alone. We got to talking and I ended up with another phone number. :thumbsup: I've never been with someone this much older than me, but I can only imagine it will be a great experience. :wink:
  3. My_Eggs


    It's in Joplin I believe. I wish it was in Cape though... :mad:
  4. My_Eggs


    Getting my life going in the direction it should be. Yay. I applied for OTC today, I'll get my letter in 10-12 business days telling me if I got in or not. If I did then I'll be attending OTC for two years to get my A.A. then I'll be transferring to Missouri Southern State University to do two more years to get my Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. I've already been approved for a $1400 grant and a $5500 student loan for OTC and tomorrow I'll be applying for a scholarship which will get me another $1000 every semester. Hopefully I get accepted. :thumbsup: Tomorrow I'll be picking up an application for the gas station a few miles from my house and hopefully I'll get hired there.
  5. My_Eggs


    I didn't catch the fight but I thought Pacman would win for sure. I'm disappointed. :mad:
  6. My_Eggs


    I've got an appointment at OTC on Monday to get everything set up and schedule my classes. OTC doesn't offer engineering degrees though so I'll be doing two years there to get all of my gen. ed. classes out of the way, then I'll move onto a larger college and do another two years there to take care of my engineering degree. I'm actually pretty excited to get back into school, it's been nearly two years now since I did my G.E.D. tests, which I passed with ease (380 total points required to pass, I scored a total of 3760 and was usually the first person done with each test). I'm not sure exactly when I'll be starting school but until then I guess I'll be looking for a job. There's a gas station not to far from where I live that is accepting applications so I'll probably be stopping in there tomorrow.
  7. My_Eggs


    Why is that? In other news, put together my new office chair, since my old one killed my back. Also started learning how to play League of Legends with some friends. Should be fun. :thumbup: Because I miss her like crazy and want her back more than anything. :???:
  8. My_Eggs


    Oh, I forgot to mention something I did today when I posted earlier. When I went to get my allergy shots today I decided to stop at Braum's to get a burger. I got in line behind this really cute girl who works there and had just finished her shift. She ordered her food to go and went to sit down at a near by table to wait for it. I ordered my food and while I was waiting I could see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly she comes up to the counter and changes her order from to go to for there and smiles at me. I get my food a bit after her and go join her at her table. I had ordered my food to go because I had other places to be, but I figured I could spare a few minutes to hit on her. I can't believe what I did worked, I'm actually a little impressed with myself. All I did was sit down at her table, say hi and introduce myself, then told her I had somewhere to be but if she was interested in me then she could feel free to call or text me. At that point I gave her my number, said good bye, and walked out of the restaurant without looking back. Not even ten minutes later I got a text saying "Hey, this is the girl from the restaurant, I figured you might want my number too? Maybe we could get together sometime. ;)". I'm starting to get better at picking up women, though I still feel stupid for missing my ex's call today. :wall:
  9. My_Eggs


    I MUST come visit you. I'll take care of your snake problem. :smile:
  10. My_Eggs


    Steamers are terrific. I hate the word terrific. Every time I see it I have to take a better look to see if the person said terrific or terrible. Why do two words that mean the opposite have to start the same way?
  11. My_Eggs


    Never said it was, I actually pretty much said the opposite. I was just saying that it was an interesting read.
  12. My_Eggs


    Went to get my allergy shots today and forgot my phone at home. While I was gone my ex called and I wasn't around to answer it, when I tried calling back her phone was off. :-? Last night I read a 95 page e-book on a very illegal, dangerous, and profitable process. It was quite interesting and full of a lot of information. I didn't understand some parts of it, but after a college chemistry class I'm sure it would all make sense. I fail horribly at chemistry though, so it doesn't seem like a process I should ever attempt in this lifetime haha. Not only because of how dangerous it is, but also the legality of it. Still an informative read though, and I'm always up for expanding my knowledge of things.
  13. My_Eggs


    Sent that message to my ex a few minutes ago on Facebook. Now I just have to wait for her response. Tomorrow I'll be scheduling an appointment with OTC (Ozark Technical College) to go in and meet with someone to discuss what classes I'll be taking and helping me figure out what I'll be going for. I know I want to get into engineering, I just don't know what type would be best for me (civil, chemical, mechanical, etc.).
  14. I've always wanted an Elsyian Sprit Shield and after staking for a little bit I was able to afford one. I'm just curious what the best places to use it at are. I'm maxed combat, 99 summon, 99 prayer, 99 range, and 99 mage. I have a Chaotic Rapier, Fury, Zerker (i), full armadyl, and the money to buy bcp and tassets if I sell the armadyl gear.
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