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  1. Has anyone recorded the rough charms/summoning xp/hr from bonfires?
  2. Because people don't rwt in Runescape. People don't rwt in WoW, people didn't rwt in Diablo 2. Diablo 3 is not an mmo, other people having items does not effect your play experience. Buying success doesn't matter. You can play the game alone, with friends etc. While doing so you have the opportunity to make some cash with a lucky drop (or consistent cash depending how the economy will work). I don't know about you, but the prospect of earning small amounts of cash legitimately from this game far outweighs the fact some random somewhere in the world in an entirely separate instance/game gets to use that item. In Runescape currently I have lots of gold, I have nothing to do with it. I know I could technically rwt it illegally for 50 cents a pop. If there was an integrated system where I could sell my gold for real money, I'd be all for it. So what if someone else is suddenly allowed to buy all the gear he wants. they could of done that anyway via a third party site. If you want a challenge in Diablo, you play on Hardcore. Hardcore has a separate gold auction house & NO Real money auction house. PvP isn't even patched in yet & I'm fairly sure a minority of people play the game for solely PvP anyway. Some people should actually play the game and read up on it before joining the circlejerk. The microtransaction point would be valid if Blizzard alone were selling the items in a shop.
  3. King Black Dragon Advice please.
  4. It was 50% yesterday when I subbed an account, ffs.
  5. Going to guess Drumgun will Runespan all the way to 200m now as there are still front page ranks up for grabs. It suits his playstyle perfectly that he can AFK/Multitask it for 18hours a day or whatever it is.
  6. Went to rock crabs, have to move around too much. Fleshcrawlers are ok, getting ~25k xp an hr on these. Any other aggressive low def, low damage creatures around?
  7. Currently 40/40/35 with 43 prayer also. This account isn't a pure so defence will go up. Just wondering if there are any new or uncommon places to afk train. > I don't want/need to do slayer just yet as I only have to get it to 40 or so. > I have a salve amulet (not e) also a fury, no idea which is better at this low level. > Weapon is a Brine sabre and I guess I use this until 60 & Brackish Blade. All I know of currently are rock crabs & fleshcrawlers. Guess I'm looking for something that does little damage.
  8. What are the cosmetic items? Mystic Tattoo Marauder Tattoo Curled Horns Twisted Horns Swagstick Anything else?
  9. Thanks, that makes sense. I didn't realise you could click the red arrow next to spins and it shows a breakdown of how many in each category you have.
  10. Er... and your status is "Retired"? Woosh
  11. It's not like a random D&D hidden away in the game somewhere for players to go find once a day/week. It's so ingrained in the game now it's unbelievable. I am levelling a new account and doing a bunch of quests. I have like 40+ spins from doing them and every time I login I get a prompt to spin it, or his face pops up at the end of every quest. It's even part of the damn UI. It's also gambling, who wouldn't have a free roll at a roulette wheel if presented with one. Majority of people would certainly think twice when they have to pay to have a go though. TLDR: [bleep] you [bleep] CEO.
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