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  1. In before you have to buy the ability from Solomon's General Store for $45 Would be nice to know if the same rules apply as previous double exp weekends, I.E no summoning/Prayer etc etc or if it's just a combat only xp weekend day
  2. Has anyone had any bolt drops from any of the 3 new monsters? Done a tad bit of camping on all and yet to see anything
  3. Just won a super rare huge lamp Was for thieving. at level 80 it gave me 31,840 xp And before anyone say's anything, yeah i bought 75 spins purely to see the out come of xp
  4. The fact it's rare made me think it was worth something... It gave crap exp
  5. First spin of the weekend - Used it on 81 agility and got 16,665 xp. Wtf?? Also got a mystic tattoo
  6. Erm, has anyone else noticed the colour of their wicked robes going back to basic shade of red? Edit: Now they're back to normal? wtf..
  7. Unfortunately, no. How long has that been the case? Born for PvM did a video only at the start of April showing him getting daily's on top of each other? 3:01 onwards
  8. I'm saving all my daily spins and the 9 or so tokens and however many more i get from RuneSpan just for the weekend. Hopfully i'll walk away with at least 1 pair of horns rather than the pretty dull head tattoos. Kinda knew in the back of my head one of their weekend would involve SOF. The investors need to do one..
  9. I'm seeing more High level nodes (Souls) rather than skulls and blood pools? anyone else notice that?
  10. I'm not sure if camping Law Esshounds and doing yellow Wizards on floor 2 untill 85 rc would be a good idea?
  11. This is the first time in my Rs career i've gained more than 150k Rc exp in 1 day. Actually growing to love this mini game! Time to have a little troll with my yellow RC robes though
  12. I think they're a rare event, maybe only once/twice aday? and as for the levels i think they only show up on floors 1 and 2
  13. I think this needs it's own world and it's own clan chat for giving locations to the yellow mage. TIF do your thing!
  14. Can someone post the cost for each reward item?
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