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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

    1. Den


      Thanks D.V. ! :D

  2. Just tag the ice one first, get it down to low health then tag the rest, killing the ice asap. That advice sounds kinda messed up. Every other strategy out there says to tag the ice one last and kill it firs because its special is the most problematic in terms of survival. Tagging it first so its on you longer just seems like a dumb move. All the strats I read said tag blood, get it low. Tag smoke get it low Tag shadow get it low Tag ice kill it Kill shadow, then smoke then blood. Based on the idea that blood is the least dangerous, at worst it heals itself so it being on you the most isn't to bad. Then smoke because whilst its thing is DPS its not too bad. Then Shadow because its DPS power is quite high Then Ice because being frozen can royally screw you in terms of shadow and smoke attacking and requires extra tactics/abilities to cope with. Tagging it first just means you have to cope with all its freezing bs whilst trying to ignore to chase down the other 3 and then turn around and deal with it, tagging it last you can focus in on it entirely and destroy it asap. With your strategy, you have to kill Ice from full hp while EVERYTHING is attacking you though. I got ice low, tagged the rest then quickly finished Ice off. Tagging is hardly difficult with range/mage so I'd highly recommend getting ice low before tagging the rest.
  3. So that's what happened. :o Friends were pming me about archer rings wonder what was going on. Glad they made a post to clarify what happened.
  4. Haha. xD I may send in an application. :P
  5. Part of the problem was you couldn't be on Runescape and a lot of funorb games at the same time.. :S
  6. Sorry to say, but I think you got shafted. Someone sold 1 for 150M earlier today (probably first one). Even now, someone sold the legs for 65M instant sell. It appears they are super rare. Super rare's probably pushing it. A few people had drops whilst I was there. Even if the price is that high, I'm not that bothered. I don't even play enough to spend or use 100m. Considering how most buy/sell offers I've seen for them are all around 10-20m, expecting 65m for it is ridiculous. They're far from super rare.
  7. Don't forget the always oh so fun "Let me drain your adrenaline and put that ability on cooldown without using it." bug I've been having with Revolution. >.<
  8. I've been experiencing that too. I voted almost ready as it does work nicely, but it seems to spend a tick checking 1 ability slot and if that slot isn't ready, it checks the next slot and spends aother tick doing so (hence not activating as they're on cooldown). I enjoy playing as if its on full manual while revolution is on though. Constant abilities going off as soon as possible. :3
  9. REVOLUTION WOOOOOOO ... Devotion .. D: Booooo R.I.P. - Happy about revolution coming out so early on Monday though.
  10. Sounds like a Halloween orchestration of Autumn Voyage. :o
  11. Awwwwwwww. Oh well, bugs happen sometimes. :c Happy Revolution is coming out that week reguardless and 2 quests in March sounds sweet. |^_^|
  12. Considering how easy leveling is today compared to back when I maxed, I don't see as much of a problem with the exclusivity of high level updates. With most skills giving over 150k exp an hour, getting into the 90's isn't amazingly time-consuming. Not saying Runescape isnt grindy as [bleep] though. :P It just isn't as demanding as it once was, and continues to get faster and easier.
  13. You assume he has the level to make one. You wouldn't catch Bandos walking into the GE. :P
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