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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. An update I'm actually happy to see.
  3. Based on what you've said and my own observations, Jagex isn't dying but one of their products, Runescape certainly is. While their profits have soared greatly, this is due to weekly SoF and Solomon promotions (I'm a sucker for promotions, have spent a few hundred € over the past year) - not the number of membership players there are. Worlds that were popular two or three years ago are struggling to survive, they cut down a portion of the worlds recently as a result. I do miss what it was a few years ago, seeing so many familiar faces on a daily basis (Remember w99?), but now standing in popular worlds like 24 you're met with a small handful of people.. Nothing like even just a year ago. It sucks. I don't want it to, but it does.
  4. Land of Leprechauns? I've never heard of such a place! Sure if you end up going I may just see you there. :)
  5. Rather interested in going to it this year as I'm finding it harder and harder to keep motivation to play, may lose it altogether come next year. Pity I don't know anyone else going (That lives in Éire).
  6. This always happens, not a security risk for myself though; I find it to be more of a convenience!
  7. It's been three years since our last skill, I don't think it's just for the "sake" of it. It's about time, really. I'm definitely more in favour of a skill than adapting storylines, but to each their own.
  8. anywhere you'd use void, you still use void. Anywhere you'd use nex (tanking nex/kk, dks?), pop armor is only slightly worse. This. Though it's completely unfair that Nex has a bonus while PoP does not, that bonus is quite small. Only the most dogmatic nitpickers would say that PoP is substantially worse. Also, that update next week, despite speculations that it will screw over PoP, has not yet happened. So there's still a chance or two. Eh I suppose it's possible I missed something but where is the news on this update? Sadly I'm still quite a ways away from Superior Tetsu. I've made the legs and have 73 plate, my last 10 plate voyage failed. Going a week at a time without any plate voyages is infuriating.
  9. Yeah, I see 25 from the Missionary another 25 from the Convict and 50 from a trio. Sadly I don't have 90 Thieving thus it's not possible to obtain the rest. I've finished the Whaler's so got his 25 plate. I made the mistake of purchasing the Jade status to increase trade goods per voyage, pity I didn't do a little more research beforehand. It's a 1% increase which apparently only effects one 100 spice voyage as it's rounded down. :/
  10. Hey guys! Right so I hit the Pincer region there about a week or two ago, so good so far. For my ship I've only got the Ram/Figurehead to upgrade and the Blazing Lantern hull. I haven't begun upgrading crew yet and have the voyage to unlock the Oxhead in my list waiting to be done. Right now my only interest is Tetsu, I've completed the scrolls and currently have 66 Plate. How should I go about acquiring 200? I've been going days at a time without the Whaler and even when he's there, the mission is 5-10 plate. I did have a 25 plate mission from the Missionary, not sure if that was finishing off his story-line though. As far as upgrading the port goes, everything is pretty basic and I haven't done much work on my buildings. Should I work on my story lines for rewards or what? It's pretty demotivating at the moment as everything appears to be so slow. I'd much appreciate a push in the right direction!
  11. So I hit 90 fishing today, giving me access to the Whaler. I was expecting the option to build the Icon Hotspot relevant to him but it's not listed - any ideas?
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