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  1. You can't blame Suomi for that. Nobody forced them to donate anything. It's called "donating" for a reason. He held a responsibility for claiming all the donations. People donated to him because they wanted him to get 5b xp, and not to give up in the middle of the journey. It's like Donating to Red Cross: The reason for the donation is to make the poor people happy, to give them food etc. But what would you then think when the Red Cross suddenly decides not to help the poor people and quit? I would think that they did a hell of a good job while they worked towards their goal, and that what they achieved not be criticized because they choose not to do it anymore. It's upsetting and really disrespectful that you're actually complaining about this.
  2. Eh, good for you Suomi. It's best you're doing what you want, don't ever feel pressured that you're doing the wrong thing - it's your choice :P Hope you have fun on your ski trip. Should be great fun :)
  3. Wow I guess I'm not crazy Was loading RS earlier and thought I saw something like this on the scroll banner but wasn't able to find it when I reloaded the page You reckon it is what it sounds like?
  4. Make sure you're using Morytania legs :3 They're actually quite common now, and going by what you provided it seems you're not using them. I did a test when the legs came out and got a shade skull and necro kit in less than 50 fiyr remains I was sort of bummed because I spent a lot LOT more getting my original set and skull :(
  5. Hey all, I'm Taylor! My RuneScape display name is Tayl. I've been here a while but sort of forgot about my account(sorry!) When SwiftIRC paired up with tip.it, I managed to recover my account and here I am :) hi carl
  6. Hey stranger

  7. You can cite me as your source if you'd like
  8. The reason for the increase in your rankings were due to accounts that are now F2P being removed from the highscores. When an accounts membership isn't renewed, its highscores are still visible for a few months until a mass removal is done :P This had nothing to do with the banning of bots, unfortunately ;P
  9. This looks like the beginning of an exciting an beneficial partnership, for both sides :)
  10. ok ive seen other players useing these symbols "ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâÿ ÃÆÃâÃâæ ÃÆÃâÃâÃÂ¥" and other stuff like that. anyone know how to do those?! i need help! 8-)
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