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  1. What's blue worth now? Has it gone down or something?! No, its actually gone up. People aren't selling for 3.4bil now. A week ago I would have easily gotten it for white+1.3, this week most offers that got completed were white+1.4. I waas trying to haggle down to 1.35 but by the time I bought it I knew that was next to impossible (some guy's been trying just like me for 3 days to get a better price than white+1.4) I just decided to overpay by 50m and get it right away.
  2. 3.... painful days.... Note to self, when you get an offer for 1.4 2 days ago, just take it. Don't try making that extra 10m profit. :( Finally got it though!!! :D:D
  3. Someone give me a price check on some Nex armors? Particularly Torva helm, Torva legs, and Pernix top? Torva Helm: Torva Plate: Torva Leg: Pernix Coif: Pernix Top: Pernix Chaps: Virtus Mask: Virtus Robe: Virtus Bottom: tyvm! P.S. If any Tip it'er is interested in selling a Blue Phat I'm offering White+1.4. Feel free to leave me a pm on forums.
  4. First article: Not very popular update for good reason (lower xp/hr and higher gp/xp) but its a fun and interactive way to train smithing. I liked it and got 91->93 smithing along with a nice looking royal cannon to boot. Some might hate it but I thought it was a step in the right direction as skilling is generally associated with repetitive motion and is better performed by bots than humans. Second article: Good bit of nostalgia. I remember the good old times when I thought my d baxe was the greatest thing in the world. Such innocence ;) alas, what has age done to me but made me into a painfully realistic skeptic. Third article: Good for informing newer players. I can't believe how many people will play the dice/flower games even though the odds are so heavily against them though. Legit hosts net around 20m/day of hosting which is pretty significant considering pre-FT a good income for those players would be around 1m/hr (even for someone who's an avid solo td/dk/frost'er its still takes 5 hr a day at 4m/hr profit to match the dice games, not to mention dice games has significantly less risk involved for the host.)
  5. Blue = White + ? Thinking of u/g'ing for a new forum pic if price is reasonable. EDIT: If anyone with a Blue is interested in trading it to me for White + Divine + 400m for about 5 minutes so I can take a hawt new forum pic I'd be pretty happy :D (White looks better imo so I'll probably d/g 5 seconds after I finish with the blue lol)
  6. MIRC, SwiftKit, or Mibbit (browser based) are all trustworthy. You can also look for rahzaM around these forums since he's a moderator in OTG. He lurks around general discussion from time to time.
  7. I approve of this week's update teaser. New Pirate quest Arr Fun! (God I'm such a nerd :D)
  8. Finish maxing out your stats and gear, and join OTG / PID / some other big PvM clan. Some do LS, some split, so just make sure you find a splitting team. Would I need divine/ely for gear? And just 99 mage for stats right? 99 attack, strength, defense, HP, ranged, magic, 91+ herb, 96 summon. And gear is very subjective. Just gotta get that magic to 99 then. Looked up OTG and have know idea how to apply. OTG Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Ofthegods/index/ Divine/Ely helps at Nex but if you can afford a Divine and want to nex you're better off using Pernix Body + void deflector. Also magic doesn't work well at Nex. Most teams melee/range/melee/melee/range now.
  9. Looks like nope. Odd, I would have thought that it would. Single people can not affect the market lol. The fact that lava titans are so common means that the only way for them to rise out of character is if a manipulation clan from pre-free trade 2 buys them out. Even then its not hard to go to TzHaar for a few minutes and make some extra pouches.
  10. I can't stop laughing at Bladewing's screeny lmao. Yes, CT Green drags = all bots. If you're bored, get some nature runes/green dhides and drop them to watch the bots panic.
  11. And that's why I trust Tip It guides better than RS Wiki ;) Hi moar lava titans.
  12. I'm going to guess that Nex armor will keep crashing for a bit. At current Nex prices the profit is still a good 15m/hr, well above the 4m/hr that any other high level pvm activity can provide and above the general rs average at 1m/hr. Can't see Nex profits to keep sustaining like this. Just the fact that no one will even bother with Corp now with Nex (Corp = more risk less reward) is a pretty good sign that Nex armor prices needs to drop more. Estimates on blue prices at the moment? If its around 3bil I'm going to start considering an upgrade on my forum pic :)
  13. Oh my, cannon at chaos tunnel waterfiends vs rock lobsters? Wonder when this glitch will be fixed lol. Until it is slayers better get going to get this golden cannon (took me 10m in addy ingrot supplies and around 3 hrs)
  14. Ty, what's a purple worth? Not too sure, seen varying accounts from 850-990. If I had to guess I'd go 900-910. Yellow's around 1050 and Green still looks around 1230. Red's rebounding slightly and not selling at 1390 anymore.
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