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  1. KBD Mole Bandos GWD Arma GWD Corp All I've soloed.
  2. I bless most graves. For example, I was at Irons and this random guy died during a task, and I assumed he lost his DFS since he had Bandos or whatever, but yea, I blessed it, cuz the guy was really cool. We were having a good conversation. He wanted to give me his Zerker Ring and I said no. It wasn't about that. Now, about 2 weeks ago at GWD some person died who was trying to crash General Graardor, and he had that like 5 minute Gravestone (pretty sad), and I didn't bless it. My friends and I shared the loot. So about 10 minutes after that, the guy showed up and cursing and what not, and just told him he was trying to crash, so he didn't deserve his stuff back. Ahh well.
  3. Range was my first... :D On topic: I don't so much mind the skill cape, but when people try to throw it in my face. Like seriously, I had this guy come up to me the other day with Full Guthans, a Cooking Skillcape, Brackish Blade, Barrows Gloves, DFS, and Ammy Fury (or). Now, yea, he had some money, but I asked him to buy his Brackish Blade and he just laughed and said shut up noob get some stats. So of course, that pissed me off, since he had 1 99, and had maybe 60M. <_<
  4. I only aprove of Slayer Skillcape because it looks awesome and it shows true dedication and skill, as well as not being a mindless skill *erm erm* Runecrafting. So to answer your question, yes, Cooking SC in general is for noobs.
  5. I kindly apologize, sir, but you are mistaken. Instead of being the princely goal of 126, i would be 128. 99 HP, Range, Mage, Strength, Attack, Defence, and Prayer = 126 Combat
  6. 95 Prayer Korasi Rapier and at least 82 mage
  7. Honestly, once you hit my stats, you are maxed, at least in PvP. Get Turm, and higher combat stats. Really, Pking on a main is more for those 130+'s, not for level 110's, unless they are built for it.
  8. Use regular Butler. He is a little slower, but makes up for it with a hell of a saving in cost.
  9. Turmoil is worth it. You just need it to efficiently do high leveled combat...whatever it may be.
  10. All I can say is, good luck. You should all be using melee regardless, but Muddy is right, I have even crashed Graador alone before on a group of 4 level 110ish's. Your stats are no where near what you need.
  11. What about a F2P range tank, at least until P2P. Are range tanks fun in both F2P and P2P?
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