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  1. Vid like this is where I try to figure out why my floor times are so slow. Then I realize it isn't entirely me
  2. If you're genuinely keen on running agility courses, then switch to the Advanced Gnome Course at level 80 agility, and use Summer Pies to boost you to the level 85 when necessary (just prior to climbing the second branch climb). You should get 2-3 laps per half pie. You will get the full XP per course regardless if you fail the run-wall obstacle which, at 725 per lap is a considerable boost from the Ape Atoll. That said, you'd probably get more XP per hour farming your Effigies from Slayer tasks and applying them to your agility ... :unsure: Part of wanting to get in the 90s is so I can open my own effigies. Didn't realize the new minigame was good agility xp, I'll have to try it out
  3. Currently just doing Agil to take a break from slaying, hoping to work towards getting 90. About how long does it take? I'm at ape now until at least 80, and not sure when to switch.
  4. I've only told a total of probably 10 people how to force the one that you're fighting onto melee and known about it for years. Most actually came with me and picked it up while duoing. TBH, it just looks like a misclick. I won't be telling many people about how to force all of them yet as I just figured it out. :P. Feel free to duo/trio with me. ;). 1.)you use verac's 2.)and glacors are better than tds in every way now that dclaws are so cheap 1.) Incorrect. 2.) How many boots do people get per day? Per week? We pull 2-4 claws per day. Now I really wanna know but feel too intimidated and nooby to TD with you :P
  5. Why would you even say that? Have you ever actually chopped yews? They're 100k gp/hr at 99 woodcutting. That's not a good moneymaker. And eucs are 125k, which is not a good moneymaker either. You would literally make more profit mining pure essence or picking flax. well, someone's gotta do it
  6. Wait, then why is the toolbar IE and Firefox only? :|
  7. I believe the old one used IE as a framework for the client. The new one may be more standalone and rely less on the IE APIs. I also think it was until IE8 that Windows Explorer IE were basically the same thing. I could also be entirely wrong and making this up. this client uses a modified openjdk (java environment) that only loads in their program, which means you dont need to install java if you have that installed to play. besides, 22.5mb isn't really anything anymore
  8. do they ask you to go to a link or send a username/password? if so then it's likely just phishing spam, i get them occasionally
  9. Dungeoneering on Nov 12, 2011
  10. 77, though in my experience it's a bit worse than 148 was
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