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  1. What is the most efficient order to get 5,4b xp? Also, what dailie should one do?
  2. This event is so shit my dog tried to eat my monitor
  3. Does the Fishing aura stack with the perfect fish juju?
  4. So, how far is Alkan from 5,2b now?
  5. 153m real rc xp with 12b? Wott
  6. Glad to hear that you found some new interests, and good luck with the new girl :) What comes to this Blog, just don't [bleep]ing leave like aten did, cuz i cri everytim :cc And, Abdullah, I don't think that anybody would voluntarily impersionate an Australian, so I'm sure it is the real bxp :)
  7. "I've lost everything and everyone I loved in this world, so I can't lose anymore."
  8. :// Dw mate, you'll find someone :)BTW, haven't spammed your shitty thread for some time now, how is anything else going for you? Do you still study maths?
  9. Is it more efficient to just C2 fish and wc seperately, or is a combination equally good?
  10. Woox will beat it in bronze armour tomorrow anyways so meh
  11. 200m in all skills thread 1-99 skill guides wot
  12. I wonder what Drumgun will do after he gets 5,2b :P
  13. Drumgun is now officially #1 to 120 in all skills; Congratulations! :)
  14. Each skill has become more xp/h during the years. Tripled, doubled, quadrupled.. So the SH update was no surprise to me at all, and neither it really was for you. But I don't understand this SH-hate-Hype. Lol. Agi was shit anyways When you put 0 effort into getting a skill to 200m, it's identical to never training the skill from an effort standpoint. So if 200m agility requires 0 effort, then could only earn 200m in 25 skills. Whether or not you find that acceptable or not is up to you, but I think what I said is factual unless your point of view is somehow distorted. A bit like getting combat xp from doing slayer? A bit like getting hp xp from combat?
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