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  1. I have been planning on training all of my melee combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defense, Constitution) to 86 in order to use the new combat abilities made available after The World Wakes Quest. The last time I trained combat, it was all of those skills from 78-82, and I did it at fire giants. It went pretty fast, and I thought that was probably the best way to go. I just had a couple of questions though: Armor I'm pretty broke, and can't really afford incredible armor. I've got pretty much a 1m budget for armor. I was wondering if I would be fine in my penance armor, or something like dragon platelegs (I already have those) and some cheap top. Monsters Are Fire Giants my best bet? Like I said, I don't have a huge budget, so I don't want to be training against anything that takes a whole ton of food. Ideally, I want to take little to no damage, with Vampyrism active. Order Out of those skills, is there a particular order I should train them in? Obviously Constitution will be trained as I train the other skills. I was thinking I would start with Strength, then Attack, then Defense, but I don't know. Is there a particular order that is best? Weapon The ideal weapon of choice is, of course, determined by what monsters I end up fighting. I just remember that while I was training on fire giants, the other people in the room had very diverse opinions in what was best. Some said a quick weapon witha shield or defenders, while others said it was by far best to use heavy, 2-handed weapons. Just wondering which is best for whichever you guys suggest. Thanks in advance!
  2. Lol, I don't buy spins, and I certainly don't see what's "fun" about wasting time to get a worthless item. *sigh* Sorry, I realize this has turned into a rat, I was just really disappointed with this weapon.
  3. And I understand this, but it wasn't just an SOF promotional, as I got a lot of my ore from mining.
  4. I just got my Starfury sword, and am strongly disappointed. It took me quite a while to get the starlight ore, as I didn't want to buy it off people, and the weapon is not that great. I can see the use behind the scaling levels, but why have them stop at 60? Anyway, I've got two suggestions that contradict each other for this topic. 1. Make the weapon single handed. It takes much longer to get than the money for say, a BGS, and a BGS has quite better stats. Now, if it was single handed, I would use it a lot more because I could use a shield or godbook with it. But all that time I spent collecting starlight ore was useless because I'll never use it! What's the point of using that, when I could use so many better 2h weapons? 2. Make the scale on starfury weapons go to 80, and maybe even 99. That would be another reason I would use it: If it were better than the other 2h weapons. I really like the idea of scaling weapons, I just don't understand why limit their max damage to level 60 (1/52 of max exp in attack). As I mentioned, these two suggestions contradict each other. Both combined would, imo, be too powerful, but with the ever increasing damaging weapons, that Jagex seems to have no end of, who knows.
  5. Yeah, because I never buy spins, I didn't realize until after posting that this just makes it easier for people to get heaps of xp in skills they want. I really wish Jagex would remove that, but we know they're not going to.
  6. We've all gotten the lamps on the SOF that only gave us exp in one specific skill, that we didn't even want. Sure it's nice to get free experience, even if we don't want it in that skill, but how about an improvement? On the Adventurers logs on Runescape.com, each skill is categorized into a skill set. Those skill sets are: Gathering: Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, Hunter, and Farming Combat: Strength, Attack, Constitution, Magic, Defense, Prayer, Summoning, Ranged Support: Thieving, Agility, Slayer, and Dungeoneering Artisan: Firemaking, Construction, Cooking, Fletching, Smithing, Crafting, Herblore, and Runecrafting In these 4 skill sets, all 25 skills are listed. Rather than having skill specific lamps, which are rarely exactly what you want, why not have skill set lamps. You can put a 'Gathering' lamp into any of those 5 skills. I don't think this would be that hard to implement either. Any time that a strength lamp would have been created as a potential reward for the SOF, just replace it with a "Combat Lamp". This way, you never get the lamps that are worthless to you. What do you guys think?
  7. Hey, I was just wondering if the level of the Aura you have (Corruption, Greater Corruption, Master Corruption) changes the size of the wings. Thanks in advance!
  8. With what I wear regularly the boots do. I wear Ringmaster when I'm not fighting, and it totally ruins the 'fancy' effect if it just looks like I'm wearing socks. I can't wear Ringmaster Boots because they are too dark, and don't match the rest of it. And again - Black (g) looked a lot better when the helmet had a gold plume, no viking horns, and it made you look at least slightly evil. Now it just looks like you're going into war very poorly equipped.
  9. The new graphics are terrible. I'm sure Jagex thinks they're an improvement, but honestly - none of the armor looks anywhere near as good as it did before they did all this! Black (G), simple armor I've always considered to show slight wealth now looks like I'm trying to impersonate a dragon, but I only used spare pieces of metal I found lying in the bottom of the ocean! It makes everything look like a freaking viking! Bring back my nice looking armor, the Dragon armor looks like it's cloth, not metal!
  10. Vroqren

    New Update

    Keywords. Unfortunately, I can't.
  11. Mobilizing armies is pretty close to water, but I don't know if it's close enough. And same case with the north Ardougne bank, there's a river to the west of it. Maybe Draynor, or Jatizo?
  12. Vroqren

    New Update

    Or I've got an old PowerPC Mac, and can't afford a better one at the moment. This is Jagex telling me - "because you're a bit poor for now, you can't play our game." I'm paying for membership - and now they want me to buy a new computer just so that I can continue playing?
  13. Vroqren

    Bye bye Mask :(

    That really sucks - sorry to hear that. one tip though - while a long string of numbers and letters is harder for a person to guess, it's easier for a computer to guess that then it is for a computer to just guess like 4 random words. Like say maybe "deatheatpartyballoon" (don't use that one)
  14. Vroqren

    New Update

    Because I'm not independently wealthy, I don't have a computer that can run the stupid new Java required to play, and the dumb client they suggested we use doesn't even work! It's been on the RSOF for a day now, tell the mods "Hey - believe it or not, we want to play, and get cool bonus's too!", but the mods either don't see it, or don't even care.
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