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  1. Could you add starting hint highlighting for bait types? (i.e trout likes red/pike likes fluttering)
  2. I would replace #7 on the prefer list with Nihil, they are have all three of your requirements, speed cash and xp.
  3. Elite Monster Spawns Battling Gielinor's ferocious beasts is more exciting and more rewarding today, with the chance to spawn elite monsters. Elites have a chance to spawn on the death of others of their kind, with one guaranteed spawn and greatly increased chance per kill when you take on a matching Slayer assignment. The following monsters can now spawn elites: Waterfiends Harpie bug swarms Nechryael Aquanites Earth warriors Cave horrors Cows Ankou Dust devils Hobgoblins Infernal mages Dark beasts Greater demons Abyssal demons Please Note Edimmu elite spawns work as before, although they no longer despawn if there are no other players in the area, and remain for 30 minutes if not killed – longer than the 10 minutes that other elites will remain. Also, elites will not spawn in the tutorial, if the Path System is active, or during Rush of Blood. The spawn rates and mechanics of elite rune dragons are unchanged. You'll recognise an elite by its unique name, and – if you are the player who spawned it – a special animation. Elites are initially protected: attackable only by the spawning player for three minutes, or until the player moves a significant distance from the elite, if sooner. You can find out how long until an elite is attackable by clicking on it. Once the protection ends, the animation plays again, for everyone nearby. Then, it's fair game for everyone. Elites are tougher than their brethren, and most have special attacks that make them extra challenging to fight. The rewards make it worthwhile, though, particularly for slayers: an elite kill grants you 220% Slayer XP compared to a regular kill, if killed while on assignment. The elites listed above will also give three rolls' worth of loot from their drop tables – including three chances for summoning charms. Enjoy! Training Slayer is ever more compelling with elite spawns. Have fun, and let us know what you think over on the forums. The RuneScape Team [hide=Patch Notes]The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week's update, please detail the change so that it may be added. As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game. Skills, D&Ds & Minigames: A spelling error in the Jaguar Big Cats Quiz has been corrected.Fist of Guthix runecrafting gloves will no longer degrade too quickly.Other: Shieldbows now correctly provide PvM damage reduction.Several boss mechanics have been updated to work correctly with all current abilities that stun.The King of the Jungle title now appears as Queen of the Jungle for female players.Big cat cubs now have 'Interact' and 'Dismiss' options like legendary pets (if 'Hide familiar options' is unticked).After using a beast of burden pouch on a big cat cub, the cub will now have a 'Take BoB' option on the summoning medallion like legendary pets.Non-legendary pets are now prevented from fighting each other.Players can now store Tuska warpriest armour in the armour case in a player-owned house.It is now possible to re-watch the 'Tuska Falls' cutscene as a non-member by speaking to the Astromancer on the Lumbridge dock.Throwing discs no longer close other players' interfaces.The message displayed when unlocking the Deckchair Resting emote now directs players to the Animation interface.Super ranging potions have replaced ranging potions in Mazcab shops.Grammatical issues within Trinks's dialogue have been resolved.Durzag/Yakamaru bank presets are now saved correctly.Yakamaru's sharks no longer trigger outside of the Raids area.The hoe weapon can once again be retrieved from Diango.An issue with some 'lucky' items having a drop option instead of destroy has been fixed.The right-click Road Trip options have been removed from Fara and Heriau.Ninja Fixes: Vyre corpses can now be picked up with a full inventory if the player already has a stack of them in their inventory.The panel at the bottom of the Backpack interface has been returned to its original size.The Dungeoneering ferret room no longer requires the raw vile fish to be cooked one at a time.Further improvements have been added to the Grand Exchange interface, based on feedback:]Lent items can now be returned via the Grand Exchange interface.Framing has been added around the Grand Exchange interface to match the backpack and collect interfaces.Framing has been added around the Buy/Sell sub-interfaces.The '+1' button has been re-added to the Buy interface.The spacing on the Grand Exchange interface has been made consistent.Unnecessary spacing at the bottom - previously shown when searching for an item - has been removed to prevent confusion about the number of search results.[/hide]
  4. You might also want to look into perfect juju prayer potions, they give an extra 5% xp for altaring bones.
  5. If they can be keepsaked then it technically does have some use for f2p... Possibly for fashionscaping with Runefest hood/cloak.
  6. VIP membership also awards you with all game card-type stuff that is released throughout the year.
  7. RuneWiki has the complete dialogue of some newer quests, but afaik there is no site with a detailed plot summary. It would be really nice to have something like it though.
  8. You can also increase performance by reducing the screen size, while still having graphics on maximum.
  9. I hope they allow us to use the dyes on dominion tower weapons. Third-age dye on a dominion staff would look epic.
  10. This weekend's achievements: [hide=Clue reward][/hide] [hide=Dragon Rider drop] I like the cape so much I bought one to keepsake when they came out. Not sure what to do with this one. (For those interested, dragonbane bolts were giving me higher hits than ascension, as well as accuracy boost.[/hide] [hide=Warning: Use of portals may cause undesired ignition][/hide] [hide=Yay][/hide] Also unlocked all music tracks, but forgot to screenie.
  11. Nice weekend for me, especially with clue loot. [hide][/hide] [hide=Zamorak Platebody and rune Plateskirt(g)][/hide] [hide=And a Guthix helm][/hide] And an effigy and silverhawk boots, both of which I forgot to screenie.
  12. I had this problem too. Logging in to the actual website then trying to load the game worked.
  13. Caught me by surprise. Only 4.2m more xp worth of dailies to 99. Edit: last level for next 2+ weeks.
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