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  1. Crystal bow and royal. no chaotics
  2. Need some help on how to fight it and gear setup. Im max combat and can spend around 50m Thanks
  3. So at my lvl it's just PP? i find that so boring =(
  4. Hey I need help with 3 skills. I like to know fastest XP and festest semi-afk xp. Mining Hunter Thieving I haven't really played the last year so im a little out of it
  5. Hey I need to Get up my dung as it's my lowest skill at 81. But getting a team takes so long and then ppl leave and some just afk and u know. So I have to do it solo. I heard something about solo xp gotten buffed? So what is the best way to do solo?
  6. wow i expected 15-20 at least Getting a fighter torso takes 3-4 hours at most, and that's 4*375 points iirc. You need 1400 total points to get level 5 I believe, so that's a little less, and they can be all attacker points which are fast and easy to collect. So 3 hours would be the most, if you were a pro with a pro team you may be able to do it in 2 or less :). Great thanks for the help :thumbsup:
  7. wow i expected 15-20 at least
  8. I want to get that bonus xp horn u need lvl 5 in any role to get. about how long will it take to get to lvl 5 as i have never even tried it out?
  9. Is living farm a good place to train for farm xp?
  10. WHat is best mining xp/h at lvl 76?
  11. Got the assist thanks alot forum=D
  12. I have tried for 4 hours now to find assist for 2 lvl 95 con effegyes. I have tried assist lcans and w117 dung. So paying 300k to anyone that can assist me both lvl 95 con effegy's pm me in game, Name is Oste Bonden
  13. Im lvl 71 and going for at least 90. So is oak larder fastest xp? how much ex an hour is that without SC hammer? any faster way?
  14. IS +2 lvls the highest boots without the luck based stew?
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