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  1. I've added an additional data series - Total population. I've seen quite a few topics about the total population of RS as incoming links, so I feel like this information should help everyone involved in those discussions. It shows automatically, but it can be toggled on and off under the "Display" drop down.
  2. After ignoring this page for the longest time, I've made some updates. 1: Redid the display. Smacked a default bootstrap style on it and I'm calling it good. 2: Added granularity settings. You can select how detailed you want the data to be. The Updated granularity settings allow you to analyze the data better with week/month/quarter summaries. 3: Modified the time selection. There is no point in someone seeing 13 months worth of data at 15 min intervals. I've set my limits, which I think should be enough to see what's needed. 4: Removed the events. I haven't updated those in months, so there is no real point in having them. You can get to it at its new page, http://misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/
  3. There is a 24 hour grace period for players to get names they want before its publicly released. Thanks. I must have misread the dates.
  4. Does anyone know where the list was posted? I'm curious to see it but can't find it anywhere.
  5. I don't think Silver is going to put in the effort to get that game going again, especially since he hasn't logged into the forums since 2013. AS was always controlled 100% by him and the crew never had access to any portion of it. It still works if you already have an account, but there isn't much of a point. There are no active players, so you'll be using the same punching bags forever because no one logs in.
  6. When OSRS was being voted on, I decided to hack together something to graph the number of votes that were received during that time. The people who were interested in extrapolating the number of votes at the end loved it for the data it provided. When the voting was over, I thought it would be interesting to compare the number of OSRS players to RS players and see how the population fared across updates. I've been logging the population every five minuets since mid February. Here are some interesting sections. Peak online players Average online players On those two, the interesting periods come between early July and Mid august. You'll notice a HUGE decrease in the number of online players at this time due to Jagex's implementation of various bot tracking tools. Standard Graphing My to-do list for those pages: For graphs that display a longer period of time, even out the points. Instead of a point every 15 mins(or whatever I have), average out the data for the time period. This should reduce spiky lines and load times. Better bottom navigation. Make the bottom section scroll like a google graph when you drag past the end. Add date ranges. Better event notification. Show all events that happened in the selected time range so you don't have to click each and every dot to figure out what you looking for. Add a search for events so you can jump straight to the one you're looking for. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. I used "they" as a gender neutral pronoun. I haven't been following the discussion too closely, so I don't know what Im Choice's gender is.
  8. Jesus christ, I really screwed up on all of the calculations... In my defence, I've only had 3ish hours of sleep a night for the last week or so. It makes me wonder how well I've been programming this week. Sy's real math is correct. He adjusted for any blatant mistakes or oversights that I made.
  9. Wasn't there a prediction on the size of Gielinor based on the coordinates ? I didn't see ithe, but I took a look to see how big it could be. The far left side of the map is about 8 degrees west. The far right is about 40 degrees east. That makes it 48 degrees across. The far north of the map is about 20 degrees. The far south is 17 degrees. That makes it 37 degrees up and down. A single square in the game is 1 minuet. There are 60 minuets in a degree. So, if the land mass were completely land, you would have 106,560 square tiles to visit. This means that the entire possible map is 7,776,000 square tiles. The known land only occupies about 25% of the total map. Putting this in perspective: Compared to the real world, it would be slightly smaller than Asia with the middle east (30%). And slightly larger than Africa(20%)
  10. You are right, I was wondering if this could actually be considered as the bot population, so I did some looking around. I found some population data for the holiday season of 2012. This is in a spreadsheet by tal_ormanda. His data is located at http://runescapetrac...logspot.com/. I did some modifications to show average number of players per day during this time period. You can see that at https://docs.google....&usp=sharing. The weekends(Fri,Sat, Sum) are all highlighted. I expected holiday weekends to have an increase in the number of players. And... I can't really say that they did. Yes, the thanksgiving holiday does have more people online than the following weekends. And the weekends nearest Christmas and NYE have a high number of players as well... There isn't a huge difference. I could do the same work on the data tal has for the beginning of 2013, but I don't think it will show a huge difference. Even though this didn't prove what I expected, it does show that holidays don't have a massive drop in population. You are absolutely right. When the Nexus was released, I logged 44,703 players 20 mins before the update. There were only 4,585 players at 15:30. An hour later(16:30), there was 39,417 online. When the God war dungeon update was released, there were 44,454 players before it happened. 11,795 immediately after the update, logged at 15:45. An hour later, there were 36,729. In both cases, the number of online players rose back to the previous level in two to two and a half hours. Their peaks for that day were about the same as before. Compare that to this week's update. This week, there were 46,623 players online before the update. I logged 11,055 users shortly after the update, but there seems to be some issues. There are massive drops in population for the next 12 hours. After that stabilizes, the graph begins acting like any other day. Only it's thousands less than it would have been on any other weekend. Conclusive? No. I wish I had data for Memorial day of 2011 and 2012. But it is certainly enough to take a couple of guesses.
  11. I have been logging the number of players online since the release of EOC on my website. Recently, I added the peak and average number of players for each day, which has already come in very handy. This entire time, the peak number of players on Saturday has been 60,000 to 65,000 . This weekend, it's only 45,000. This coincides with a post in the forum for a major botting program. They said that the most recent game updated broke their program and you can't use it to do anything right now. So, in one weekend, the EOC population possibly dropped 23% for the loss of just one botting program. Admittedly, this is a holiday for Americans and this could have affected the number of players. I would have expected it to increase instead. On the program's website, they list six other botting programs that aren't just auto clickers. I don't think they are as popular as this one, but that would definitely bring the percent up a few more points.
  12. Would anyone in this discussion find this interesting? http://misplaceditems.com/2007online.php?peak As expected, the peak population is dropping. But it really seems to be dropping quicker than at first.
  13. Finished reading New Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. It wasn't as good as I was hoping, but aside from the author getting on his soapbox more than a few times, it was all right.
  14. Hey Merc, here is a simpler way to do it than what has been offered so far. It's in bash, because your cronjobs were all .sh, but it should be simple to adjust to whatever language you want. #!/bin/bash START=`date --date="2012-12-21" +"%G%V"` #get the year and week number of the starting date. This will be in the format "201251" TODAY=`date +"%G%V"` #get the year and week number of the current date in the same format. let "DIFF=($TODAY-$START)%4" #Subtract the two. This leaves the number of weeks between the two dates. Then, get mod4 of it. if [[ $DIFF == 0 ]] ; then #If the mod4 ==0, then it is a multiple of 4 weeks after the start date. echo "Fourth Week" #Do stuff here.,like call the script that will do the work fi A leap year might screw this up, but I'm not certain. I do know that this is accurate up until May of 2015. Make sure to set the cron job up to run on the correct day of the week and this will work for you. 00 17 * * 5 <script> Will run it every Friday at 5:00pm. If it happens to be the fourth week after your start date, it will run the script you tell it to.
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