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  1. I just used that as an example. But people refer to it is as EoC already... EoC is just the name of the update for which makes it so different. They are still Runescape but of a different time. If we rename Old School Runescape to just Runescape it begs the question"what the do we call Classic?" The names I think are fine as it is: Classic Runescape, Old School Runescape, and EoC Runescape, or just Runescape. Each new iteration of this game should have that title of Runescape which each previous version taking a slightly different title. Somewhere down the line I expect 2k7 to become Classic, and current scape to be old school. That said I agree with suggestion 1, 4 and to some extend #2. As far as separating friends list, I don't think they need to. Just allow clan and quick chat into 2k7. Dividing the community feels like they are forcing me to pick my friends. Just because he plays OSRS more than current and vice versa for me doesn't mean we should separate. It's easy to keep in touch on a friend bases, but what about a clan? I would much prefer the ability to communicate across the board, because while OSRS is suppose to be like 2007 that isn't gonna happen. 2007 is done. An example is rares. They mean something different now than when they came out, and you can't get that feeling again, because everyone now has an expectation of what it should be and want the good things that come with it. I just don't see how you can call it runescape when it's changed soooo much. They removed special attacks! There's so much hate for EoC from old school players that you mine as well make it two separate games.
  2. tips would be welcome? Like, advice to improve your method or money for sharing your method?
  3. I'm not 100% what you're trying to ask, but I think the d scim has higher DPS simply because it's a faster weapon. Sure, Dh hit's harder but you can hit around 2.5 times per 1 Dh swing. When I used to PK players would use a d scim and switch to the axe to either risk it or try and KO someone. Only using the Dh axe is pretty much playing Russian roulette, assuming you're talking about PKing.
  4. I just used that as an example. But people refer to it is as EoC already...
  5. I was thinking earlier today, how long is old school RS actually going to last? I'm not talking about just the servers being on, but an actual thriving community. If you're a Runescape veteran and you look back you'll see that the community was much different. For example, old school is just an older version of the Runescape GAME, not the community. Therefore the community will have the same mindset as EoC which gives old school a much different feel. Runescape back in the day wasn't all about "Oh I have to rush this 99 and get my skillcape!", the community was a more laid back and friendly. I'm not trying to hate on old school, but that's a fact. So what does that mean? Players will get bored. For the majority of RS veterans the nostalgia will ware off and we'll slowly lose interest, and other players will leave due to lack of updates. Most non-veterans don't know what old school was really like so they won't be able to fully appreciate it. Meanwhile EoC will continue to shell out large-flashy updates to their game, we OSRS players receive bugfixes, minor updates, and other small non-EoC exclusive updates. And at the same time now players who are discovering EoC (mostly out future generation and children now-a-days) will have no reason to play Old School. The best option in my opinion would be to divide the games and community. For example, seperate the current RS and rename is to Evolution of Combat, rename oldschool rs to Runescape, and create a webset/forum for these games. Creating a "portal" to give users a better choice. These wouldn't be an easy task, but IMO it'd be one of their greatest moves. When players, including myself hear the word "oldschool" I tend not to think of it as a REAL game. It honestly just sounds like a private server, which it's not. If we want an active and thriving community there needs to be distance between the two games. Below are some examples on what could be done to help: 1. Create a "www.Jagex.com" where players can pick from a list of their games to play. Possibly combine it with FunOrb. 2. Have players use a universal email for all services to login. 3. Divide the friends lists between the two games or have people create a unique ID (such as Diablo's BattleTag) and use that to communicate with friends. 4. Give each game their own forum, not their own sections of the same forum. Those are just some quick suggestions off the top of my head, what do you guys think?
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