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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. After about 2 years of waiting, this just happened. Also, just bought members with a bond. Yay, RS!
  3. I think I've done some east lighting at Yanille back in the day. But Rogue's den might indeed be better.
  4. Thanks for this, good sir. Put it in my sig right away.
  5. It's a very common reward from hard clues. You can also get black dragonhide armor, magic bows and rune crossbows from them. Didn't realise that. But still, until someone gets the appropriate smithing level, they'll stay quite pricey. But I see a market gap for hellhounds & level 3 clues here. Nice.
  6. Just started planning out what there is to do. First into consideration was woodcutting, my first 99, and realised you can't buy a rune hatchet anywhere. Very few monsters drop it (KQ, Rex, iron & steel drags, and rarely tree spirits), so it might be the one thing we need smithing for.
  7. I woke up from my Runescape grave for this. To anyone else considering to resubscribe to vote, get away cheaper by making a new account and subscribing with a 75% discount. Or, if you were going to spend the full amount anyway, make 4 accounts and vote for the cost of one.
  8. Hello, Uular here. I used to be active around these forums around 2005-07. Would love to get involved again and maybe get active in RS. If anyone remembers me, do say hi! I don't mind new faces either, so hi to you too! Oh, I renamed my RS account to Uula a few years ago. Uular is a noob account I made earlier this spring.
  9. Great initiative, I made the 2006 Tip Pic, the 2nd time it was done. Was quite a mess when I wasn't especially pro with photo editing etc, but I did finish it :P My contrib, don't care much for outfits, convenience ftw. And RSN: Uula
  10. Long time no talk! Happy birthday!

  11. What did those people comment on that they directly disliked with the GE? I mean, I above mentioned the 'bad' sides in my view but I can't see how the good sides don't weigh heavier.
  12. It's lovely for anyone who, well, buys or sells items. It makes it really easy to just go and do one of those emote clues where you need these obscure items you couldn't get easily any other way. Everything is fitted into one little interface. It makes it super easy for newcomers to the game (who find out about it early enough) to just go and cut an inventory of normal logs or collect some ashes, and sell for instant profit. Makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. No longer do I have to post on forums to buy some vials of water, just put in an offer. While being very simple it's also incredibly complex and mysterious. I don't believe it ruined merchanting, it just took it to a whole other level. Now it takes more than just patience to make some money, and you can do other things while waiting for your offers to complete. As mentioned, trading used to be a big hassle in world 1/2 when you couldn't see what the other person wanted to say and such. With the GE, you don't have to discuss prices with anyone but yourself. If no one is willing to sell for your price, too bad. However, the pricing limits do set a certain restriction. The GE would be different, but not totally different, if the pricing was totally free of bounds - there could still be a median price, and items would be able to reach their true "street price" much easier. Jagex should consider implementing this type of free trade to the GE; as you can't fully control who you are buying from/selling to anyway, there could be a solution implemented so that it couldn't be abused to RWT.
  13. Happy birthday :D

  14. Happy Birthday!

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