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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Perhaps Jagex may decide to sell the music.
  3. Unfortunately I think the fact that there is a possibility for the file to contain malicious content, that such things are not allowed (though I could very well be mistaken). But I must say, I would certainly like very much to hear the old tunes for nostalia's sake. Perhaps you could upload some of the tracks to an audio or video host so they could be enjoyed? @Thus They are quite different in my opinion.
  4. As an individual, you are correct, however if a large number of people become dissatisfied with the course Runescape is headed then the revenue figures would likely fall. If this does not happen, then they must be doing something right. More power to them if the latter is true, and may the ridiculous (in my opinion) decisions continue.
  5. Although I am sure they have a legal team ensuring that they do not "technically" break the law, they are walking a very fine line in regards to gambling. Take this snippet of the UK 2005 Gambling act for instance: Seems like gambling so far eh? Ah, but here is the loophole: You see, Jagex will claim the items won have no real world value and are therefore not a "prize" in accordance with law. ----- Source: 2005 UK Gaming act pdf (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2005/19/pdfs/ukpga_20050019_en.pdf)
  6. You will have to speak with your currency if you want them to listen. ;) Anything else will fall of deaf ears.
  7. I think the loophole is to sell some type of token and then let players buy an item with said token. Players will technically be paying for the token with real currency, not the item itself. I suspect this is something we will see in the near future.
  8. And just what would you "show off"? Your dumb luck? It is no different than "showing off" your wealth by buying trimmed armor. To be honest though, I'd be more impressed by someone who got the "Lucky Divine Spiritshield" than a trimmed completionist cape. What ever happened to inidividuals desiring items for their own merit; not taking into consideration what might impress others? Food for thought.
  9. It is not only one thing though; it is a drop in a metaphorical bucket which is slowly building up. F2P is gradually becoming a less integral part of the Runescape experience than what it once was; this affects all players past, present, and future.
  10. Jagex has already dealt serious blows to the F2P community. The removal of the highscores was one of the worst things to happen. In hindsight, it would appear that that was one of many blows to follow. Jagex is openly trying to destroy the F2P community as far as I can tell. It is unlikely that there will be any more new players who decide to be purely F2P from this point on, which is a sad thing. Through the course of many years the F2P commnunity developed into something wonderful, and now it is being snuffed out in the name of profits. I am very dissapointed with the direction that Runescape is heading. Will Runescape itself die out from these actions? No. However the F2P game which I and many others have loved through the years is clearly spriraling into oblivion. My perspective may seem overly negative, however I truly see this as the shape of things to come. We have not seen the end of this quest to extinguish the F2P game.
  11. Looking at the prices, there is little difference in loss when comparing cooking lobsters and swordfish. That being the case, as swordfish are faster they would be the way to go.
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