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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Jaffy! :D

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. It was great to work with you while I had the chance! Your dedication to Tip.It and to the Crew was inspiring. Best of luck with all of your adventures, and I hope to see you in HYT Friend Chat sometime soon! :)

  5. Do not be sad for the Julie one. She is happy now. She's had my body.

  6. Do not be sad for the Julie one. She is happy now. She's had my body.

  7. Good luck with everything. :(

  8. No purple. Shame that.

  9. Thanks for pointing that out, Metaversal, though as with the other I'm afraid we'll require some confirmation before we can add this to the site. I've added it to the to-do list along with your name, however. :)
  10. Thank you for your submission, Metaversal. I've added this to a to-do list, however I'm afraid we'll still require some confirmation. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. :)
  11. Hello Aurhu, Welcome to Tip.It! :) That does indeed appear to be new. Did you happen to take a screenshot of the clue when you got it? That way we can go ahead and add it to the site. :)
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