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  1. I updated the article to use a local, cross-platform QR code reader rather than a web service for decoding the QR code used to activate RS Authenticator. This is actually much easier than the previous method. For those that can't use it for whatever reason, I also eliminated the third party query within my form for added security. The image provided to the form is processed only on the site and not transmitted elsewhere.
  2. Oh, now that I re-read you post I think you mean the fact that the GAuth code generator is web-based. Well, yes and no. Yes in the fact that it runs in a web browser and uses web technology as its interface. But, no in every other regard. It runs from a local file on the local computer, not on a remotely hosted server. Therefore, it's not possible for it to be "grabbed" except for perhaps by a browser add-on. However, on my page I make the recommendation to create a separate profile just for the GAuth code generator which has the bonus of no add-ons being installed by default. The files could be copied to a flash drive as well, just like WinAuth.
  3. Heh, unless you're a compiler wizard it looks like you can't even get WinAuth. For the moment, it appears that wiki article is of limited use to the average Joe. I wanted to test it on Linux to see if it ran in Wine (not all of us run Windows). At least my solution is cross-platform =) Edit: Found a download for it, but, indeed it does not work with Mono -- the open source .NET implementation -- in Linux (the System.Deployment assembly does not exist in Mono). This means that it won't work on anything other than Windows. All other OSes use Mono.
  4. I made the tool to do the conversion. It's not required that it be used either, the page explains how to do it all manually. I also give ample warnings about the potential implications of using the tool (though it doesn't save any information). The user submits the information to a page I created. That page relays the image to the QR code processor, the QR code processor replys to the page and the page takes out the relevant information and sends the user back the information. It's as safe as it can be. But, like I said, it's not all that risky unless your display name is the same as your account name. If that's not the case, then there's no way to match up the key with an account name. Not to mention, use of a code implies that the correct password has already been entered, so even if it had the real account name it would still be of limited use to a service processing anonymous requests. I didn't see that Jagex had put up that wiki page. Handy! Looks like I blew several hours figuring out and setting up that relay page. Oh well, at least I learned a thing or two! If nothing else, this is just an alternative solution.
  5. I know a lot of people are upset about the move from JAG to RS Authenticator and the "requirement" of having a smartphone in order to activate it. However, a smart phone isn't needed to enabled RS Authenticator. Sure, the process isn't nearly as easy, but once it's set up it's pretty straight-forward. My post will probably get removed for this, but I've already written up a tutorial on how to do this on my clan's website. However, since this applies to the community as a whole, I wanted to get the information out there to even bigger communities than our own. The process involves installing a web-based GAuth "application" (it's just a set of web pages) and retrieving the information from the QR code in order to fill out the required fields within the GAuth web application. On the linked page I even made a tool that will automate the process of converting the QR code given on the RS Authenticator page into the information necessary for inputting into the web application. This shouldn't be a risk, because as far as I can tell the QR codes use display names rather than login names, so as long as the two aren't the same there should be no way to match up the secret code to an account. Then, when RuneScape asks you for your code you simply open the web page again and pull the code. Now there's no excuse to not have two-factor authentication on your account =D
  6. I forgot, you said "probably a big factor in not trying is..." Is that to say that it's never been tried? I see you've got a high post count, but do you know it's never been tried or considered?
  7. On the contrary! You should check out my link in that post. Initially, yes, the calculator was highly redundant. It took me about an hour to input all the information from my bank and I had to conciously make the decision as to whether an item was tradeable or not before I put it in. I was relatively happy with that since I thought the same thing, "This is as good as it's going to get." However, a friend of mine pointed out that bank information can be retrieved from the RS Companion. When I found this out I was able to implement an "Import" function into my calculator. Granted, it's not super-graceful but it's not hard either and it works. Believe me, I'd like to make it as simple as "Enter your username" and "Fetch", but it simply can't be done. No amount of wizardy was able to make the process any easier (and believe me, I have a lot of wizardry -- I'm 99 magic ;)) without installing additional software or browser extensions which is both fishy and cumbersome -- not to mention it would most assuredly break the Jagex ToS. I tried snifing for AJAX requests within the Companion to perhaps pull the information from JSON, but no such requests are made. Additionally, bookmarklets are off the table in that the Companion is loaded inside an IFrame, and since bookmarklets do not run in privileged mode they cannot access the inner document of the IFrame. The only other thing I could think to do was do some pattern recognition on an image file of a bank and try to pull out the item icons and match them with an item, but that would be way more trouble than it's worth honestly (matching an image to an item ID alone would be a nightmare, not to mention the fact that many items have the same image) and probably wouldn't be any easier on the user than the method I laid out.
  8. Back in 2010, I had a discussion with Tecmaster regarding the website overhaul and getting the Tip.it GE database up and running again. I was able to figure out the throttling formula as well as other information. Ultimately, Tip.it was able to get their GE database back up and running while my personal GE database was abandoned until recently. Tip.it has always been my go-to for calculators in the 11 years I've been playing. However, I recently wondered why there has been no attempt to create a bank calculator? All of the information is available in a local database and it would be fairly straight forward to create a calculator around this. I have created such a bank calculator (link was advertised in "Advertise your thing here" thread) with my new database after getting fed up with the Wealth Evaluator's inclusion of tradeable items within its calculations. To me, this doesn't make any sense at all -- why give something a value if it's not tradeable? My main concern, though, is whether such a calculator could be perceived as offensive to Jagex strictly because of the Wealth Evaluator and its contribution to Jagex's income. So, I am mainly targeting this post at the Tip.it crew, specifically those that make calculators. Has there ever been any work on creating such a calculator, and if not is there a particular, erm, legal reason for this or has it simply not been attempted?
  9. I've made a bank calculator reminiscent of the Wealth Evaluator except that it only counts items that are tradeable on the GE. It currently supports manual item entry as well as importing bank information from the RS Companion! Admittedly, the import process is somewhat convoluted, but it's as simple as I could possibly make it -- I tried bookmarklets, and every other manner of thing I could think of all to no avail. It also supports saving and loading. No information regarding the calculations is stored on the server (read the privacy information in the About section in the menu) In the future I will implement a feature that will calculate changes since the last page visit or last GE update. I will also probably implement a way to share you calculations with friends if you so desire. I'm really just looking for some input and suggestions -- especially some styling if anybody has any ideas for that; I'm a functionality over design type guy. However, any suggestions what-so-ever would be very helpful to me. Thanks a lot! -- Metaversal
  10. I know you still need confirmation and what-not, but here's two more I had that arene't listed: Karamja: From the southeast window of the the shop near the plantation, 2 south 1 west Minimap Location Witch's House: From the north side of the end of the fence that wraps around the south of the house, 9 east 2 south Minimap Location
  11. I must have missed it when I looked last time, but this location is actually in the "Old" set.
  12. This one was on the Karamja volcano. 7 paces south and 4 paces west of the summoning obelisk near the entrace to the Tz'Haar area.
  13. For some odd reason I couldn't take a picutre of it. It's smack in the middle of the Fremennick market. From the eastern side of the northeast corner of the southeast stall, go 4 paces west and 2 paces north. You should be directly in the middle of the four stalls. This is the location I was given from my compass.
  14. Name: Açaí Description: A delicious dish from a far away rainforest. Category: Foods Location: Buy from Guarani on Musa Point, Karamja for 1gp Uses: This item can be eaten to heal 50 life points. Shop price: Cannot sell. High Alchemy: Cannot use alchemy on this item. Low Alchemy: Cannot use alchemy on this item. Weight: 0.5kg Tradeable? No Members only? No
  15. I have been playing RuneScape 2.5 years before RS2 came out. It used to be that when you died, you'd lose all items and stackable items except your three most valueable non-stackable items. However, recently I've noticed that the system seems to have changed a bit. I was going treasure hunting when I ran into a pker. I used to be able to drop all of my items exept 3 and be able to keep all of them, but this time I lost my clue and only kept two items! Can anybody explain to me what's going on here?
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