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  1. -Pre-made number:1. -Colour: Red with a silver lining if possible -Text(s): (If possible could you make it flash from one to another where the comma seperates it?) Shadowhero, Soul Reaper, A proud member of the OoC -Text(s) to be placed: http://www.dafont.com/j-d-handcrafted.font -Rendered pic(s):Keep the same. -Extras:Keep the same. Thanks in advance ^_^ :D
  2. Well the name may be kind of stupid...but I think the idea is good. It's basicaly like the stat cape idea Jagex said they would add this month to those who gained 99 in a skill. The cloak would be a symbol of "honor" to show you are a good pker. They would come in 4 different colors, each representing how good you are. If you get 20 pks then you would be able to wear the blue with gold lining cloak. 40 kills would let you wear the green with red lining cloak. 80 would let you wear a white with gold lining cloak. 100 would allow you to wear a Black with red trim cloak. Where would you be able to acess these items? Why the tailor shop of course. Simply inquire about them and you're kill count will be shown and you will be able to get the cloak of your choice. These items of course will be non tradeable.
  3. I decided to make this thread to prevent the flooding that would soon occur as speculation over the holiday item(s) grow. So everyone post your Halloween ideas here instead of making another thread and flooding the forum mmkay? My idea is that you somehow get rid of the ghosts haunting Diangos workshop, then to thank you Diango gives you an emote, (Maybe one with your character making a scary pose yelling "BOO!!!")and a choice between two items, Demon Wings, and Angel Wings (The Demon Wings would look like Bat/Dragon wings and be Black with a red lining. The Angel Wings would look like Eagle/Owl wings and be White with a blue lining.) Remember this thread isn't about my idea, feel free to post all of yours! :)
  4. Sorry healing yourself isn't allowed :P also from now on hurt/heal posts have to be seperated by 5 hours.
  5. Character Name: Shadow Weapon: Scythe Abilites: Able to sense Auras and steal souls. Attacks: Soul Reap - Reduces all enemies attacks by 2 dammage and stuns enemy slightly. Scythe Slash - A slash that does 5 dammage. Soul Barrage - Attacks with enemies soul, can only be done if Soul Reap has been done on current enemy. Does 7 dammage. Items you start with: Bottled Fairy, Magic Seed, 100 gp, Elixir Location you start at: Forrest. Vehicle: Phoenix
  6. We all love role playing games. Why? So we can escape our lives and temporary be someone else. So I decided to make an rpg game for the tip.it forums. How do you play? Simple, each game will be like an adventure or quest, you will have to find out a way to solve the quest either solo or with a group of people. What are the rules? You cannot interfere with anyone that is not in the same area as you unless you two have met before and have a means of communicating like a phone. No God-Moding ie. killing something very strong with one hit, such as a demon. When you are posting what actions you take they have to be typed in asteriks (**) to show that they are an action. When talking to someone in the game you have to use quotation marks (") to show that you are talking to them. When talking to yourself or thinking you don't have to put anything around it. When talking outside of the game you have to use paranthesis and when talking directly to someone you have to use two paranthesis to signal that. If you die without a means of fully reviving yourself then you lose all items. Everyone starts out with 50 hp. There are also items you can use in the game, they are the following: Bottled Fairy - Revives you if you die only once. Elixir - Heals you by 50% Ingredients are 4 green berries, 2 red leaves, and 2 yellow acorns. Ether - Powers up your attacks temporary by 25% Ingredients are 1 yellow acorn and 4 red leaves. Magic Seed - Allows you to teleport to another area only once. They are a drop by various monsters and found in the forrest. Feel free to encorparate other items of your own, just explain them, There's also many different lands in this game. The city - This is where you can go to work, meet people, go to parties, and just have fun. You can be attacked here by enemies though. The Forrest - This place has many wild beasts that may jump out and attack you. The Elven Village - It is difficult to find this place, but once you have found it the first time you can come back easily. You cannot start here. There are many more lands that I will put in further games if this one is a success. If you want to play fill out this form about your character and his qualities: Character Name: Weapon: *Max of 2* Abilites: *Powers that your character has* Attacks: *Attacks that your character can do, I will assign the dammage that each attack can do according to a description of it that you will give me. Items you start with: *The Bottled Fairy is a start item for everyone along with 100 gp, you can only start with 4 items.* Location you start at: *This is where you will start and respawn if you die. Vehicle: *This is what you use to get around, you can use an animal.*
  7. The game has started at last! Everyone can make a hurt/heal post every 2 hours, Hit Ragen, heal Mr. X
  8. Sorry...been buisy recently because of school, I'm gonna pm everyone to let them know that its going to start.
  9. I really like the updates. Good job on the graphics Jagex! :D
  10. Don't feel bad, I was stuck in Draynor Manor for atleast an hour when I first started the game. :P
  11. I'm goning to keep it open one more week to see if anyone else wants to play.
  12. You can never have enough giant fire breathing lizards.
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