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  1. Seeing as how Crandor has been updated since this picture was made for the guide, I figured I'd post an update so people can get a better picture where to be exactly :) *If you would like a better picture I saved the image, or if you would like to edit/crop or do whatever yourself I will give you the original screenshot
  2. Whats up everyone :D I havent been here in over a year I think...thought I'd drop by. Eh, why not post a signature while I'm at it? C&C Always Appreciated Edit: If anyone wants this I will gladly give it to them. I havent used it on any other forums nor have I given it to anyone else. Just tell me if you would like it :D
  3. Well there it is, I will work on your signatures as soon as I can. I will try to get you all them by Monday. I will pm you them too :) Oh also sorry I forgot about this...been away for awhile haha. Do you guys want it to say anything specific on it?
  4. Adding onto my post to say who has the best Avatar it was "Faelenof" Thanks to other people posting their name and they posted after me haha Sad to see that nobody has mentioned my name for signatures
  5. A few of you may remember me. I can bet a whole handful do not know a thing about me haha. But I used to have a Signature Shop that was quite busy when I was around. Then other signature makers came and I closed mine down because I couldn't keep up with the Signature Demand. But I've been away from Graphics for some time now, focusing more on Sports in school. But I thought I need to get back into the flow of things because there are things happening on other forums. SO onto the point: I'm making 3 Signature to the first 3 people that request them. Its quite simple all I need from you is: Render: [www.planetrenders.net] Text: [www.dafont.com] Theme: [Abstract, C4D, Smudge etc...If you dont specify one I'll make my own]
  6. These are the oldest I can find...I made them almost 2 years ago I think :oops:
  7. I gave people an extra 2 days to enter...now to start the voting.
  8. That is insanely good! I see one small thing wrong really and that his lower lip/jaw just looks a little weird. Everything else on it flawless though. I cant wait to see the finished product 8-)
  9. Well we will start today. Start-July 4 Deadline-July 11 A week :D
  10. Sounds good :D Either of you want a certain theme? If not its just gonna be Freestyle
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