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  1. Could it be because you were squinting? They say I look mad because I needed to narrow my eyes to see. lol
  2. My legs got tangled up on my bag's straps when I got up to move out of the way for a girl getting to her locker. I stumbled towards the other side of hallway and slammed my face on the wall. XD Bent my glasses frame but the lens weren't broken, thank goodness.
  3. Depending on the size and if there are anything else on the table like fries, olives, pickles and Coke then the most I can eat is 4. Usually the pieces are quite large so they're cut down to size, maybe 1/3 off. I have a rather large family (as in numbers) so we often buy 4 different pizzas. I try to eat all four to get a taste for all flavours : D
  4. Ah, dragon expert : ) How is the wing and neck now? Personally, I think the final version of his head is more accurate. The other two versions had his head looking away from the dragon. :-k hmm, the dragon's head is also inaccurate....Well, I gotta fix that too! lol Thanks
  5. Everyone in my family wears glasses. : / Personally, getting glasses or the effects of wearing them is nothing. People only remarked how different I looked at the beginning. Whether they meant it as good or bad, who cares, as long as I can see. :XD: But yes, wearing glasses will have drawbacks like being active in sports. You'll have to wear contacts (sp?) instead. Wearing glasses is partly a fashion statement too (not to say that people where them because it looks good). Their choice of frame style will affect others' judgment on them like how clothing does. My glasses frame are pretty casual, nothing that would jump out at people's attention. Anyways, I have not run into any glasses-wearing discrimination but only disadvantages and personal fears (breaking them, losing them, and etc.)
  6. Have fun with the new tablet : ) We'll be expecting some paintings out of you :
  7. How do you use colours like that :XD: Loving the quote "ROFL this is crap! Why is it all pixelated?" Awesome comic!
  8. The magical pen is like a brush to a painter (minus the magical canvas). : p I agree with what you suggested for the orc and it is why I took a long break before coming back to it. Okay, not really. I lost the file to that painting like many others so now I have to start over again!! Not a big a deal since I'm a little more confident with musculature now. And yes, red and green is horrid! Comes summer, I'm redoing that picture! Thank you for the suggestions PJ! \ edit: If you notice in the newer piece, I've lighten up the shading to avoid boxy looking muscle like in the orc.
  9. Great start! The lighting and shading are consistent throughout the piece. The next step is put on some weight. :thumbsup: ..... :-s Give his clothing some creases and folds around the body. Add in solid shades (without feathering) to bring out the form a little more. Experiment with ambient lightings. A good practice is to colour the background first. The colour of the sky (light source) dictates the colour mixture of the shades and lightings. Give it a try : D
  10. ...........I just like traditional stuff.... :cry: Well, pixels on canvas isn't really traditional like oil on canvas but you know what I mean. :XD:
  11. I did a major colour overhaul today. Made everything darker and pretty much brushed out the body section to start over again. :lol: With the darken colours, it'll be easier to paint (for me) and glowing magic thingy-ma-bob will look cooler. :roll: Polished it up a little on this update but the .jpg quality is a little iffy. XD It is quicker than painting it but changing the hue will affect other hues as well especially in the shades and lightings. They're not always a dark green or light green but could be a mixture of blue or yellow and etc...You probably know how to change it properly but for me, I'm not very techy with photoshop :XD: Brush and eraser = :thumbup: It will be that character with several others.......on the ground........ :uhh: The blood and gore was/is my brother's idea! Is it less now? Thank you for all your suggestions! :
  12. No problem : ) I'll try to remember imageshack next time. : D I made that pixel like how I would paint a picture by focusing mostly on the colours; most noticeably in the sky, water and grass. I'm currently working on a digital painting of a wolf rider. It's one of those bigger paintings that I am attempting. For something like this, I tend not to complete it...lol :XD:
  13. Thanks : D For a speed painting, I try not to go over an hour. I finally have the time to do some "serious" :anxious: art working besides school or my job. Anyways, here's a signature of a person looking across runescape's horizon. It's a signature request by satenza back in *ahem* December 6th :XD: #-o but you know, it is worth the wait :P Well thats a relief! : lol :anxious: Thank you for all your comments! I will post the finished piece later tonight. In the meantime, here's a little pixel drawing of a girl and her pet dragon for Pink. : ) I switched the image host from photobucket to imageshack for those who can't view it.
  14. Thanks : D For a speed painting, I try not to go over an hour. I finally have the time to do some "serious" :anxious: art working besides school or my job. Anyways, here's a signature of a person looking across runescape's horizon. It's a signature request by satenza back in *ahem* December 6th :XD: #-o
  15. Agreed. The worse is walking behind a smoker with the wind blowing it in your face. I either skip ahead or hold my breath if I can't pass by. :-# The number of people smoking around my school did cut down after the law was enforced here in Canada. A noticeable change; thank goodness. :D But still :uhh:
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