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  1. It's been almost 2 months since I last posted here, so I figured I'd give an update of how my progress is going! I started keeping track of my workouts in a book since Oct.25th, here are my stats from that day... DB Curl - 35lbs x 9; 30lbs x 9 OH Tricep Extension - 35lbs x 11; 30lbs x 11 Military Press - 20lbs x 10; 20lbs x 7 BB Curl - 60lbs x 10 Upward Rows - 60lbs x 10 Pull-Ups - 5; 8 Squat - 95lbs x 10; 105lbs x 8 Deadlift - 115lbs x 10; 115lbs x 10 Calf Raises (machine) - 180lbs x 15; 180lbs x 15 Pec Deck Fly - 100 x 10 Oblique Twist - 35lbs x 35 Crunch - 15lbs x 20 (x3) Reverse Crunch - 30 Plank - 1:40 WEIGH-IN: 145.3lbs These are my stats from Tuesday, Novemeber 29th... DB Curl - 40lbs x 6; 35lbs x 8 OH Tricep Extension - 45lbs x 7; 40lbs x 11 Military Press - 30lbs x 8; 30lbs x 7 BB Curl - 70lbs x 9; 65lbs x 6 Upward Rows - 70lbs x 10; 65lbs x 7 Pull-Ups - 10; 5; 5 Squat - 125lbs x 5; 135lbs x 5; 135lbs x 5 Deadlift - 195lbs x 5; 205lbs x 5; 215lbs x 5 Calf Raises (machine) - 217.5lbs x 12; 217.5lbs x 13 Pec Deck Fly - 110 x 10; 110 x 6 Oblique Twist - 40lbs x 3 Crunch - 15lbs x 20 (x3) Reverse Crunch - 30 Plank - 2:00 WEIGH-IN: 148.8lbs I'm feeling and seeing the changes in my body, and that is what has kept me motivated to continue working towards my goals. I do feel as though I am overworking my body a bit; I worked out today and my reps were 1-2 lower for almost all my exercises. I've been doing that same routine every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so I figured I had enough time inbetween for my muscles to recover in time for the next workout. Am I wrong about this? Should I consider starting a split-routine across my three days of exercise? I appreciate every piece of advice you guys have to offer!
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I meant to post it sooner but the forums were down! It takes me about 50mins minimum to go through my whole workout. And I've taken heed to your word and started doing 2 drop sets for squats and deadlifts. For squats, I'm currently doing 115lbs x 8 for my first set, and 95lbs x 8 for my second (including bar weight for both). I had to drop the weight because I was doing "half-squats" the first time I did them; when I tried full squats with the original weight...well let's just say I'm lucky I got past the first rep. As for deadlifts, I'm doing 100lbs x 10 for the first set, and 90lbs x 10 for the second. I'm feeling really good about my routine right now. On top of that I've been getting at least 2500cal/day and a min of 130g of protein, and since combine this diet change with my workout two weeks ago, I've gained 5lbs! Not exactly sure how much of that is muscle, but I've noticed some definition in my abdomen and back, so I'll just keep on truckin' until I reach my goal.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions! I've furthered my knowledge in compund lifts and high caloric + protein dieting, and I've revamped my workout schedule (can't wait to try it out on Tuesday!): Bicep Curls - Drop Set (35-30-25) Deadlifts - Weight Unknown Yet (wil start with 100lbs to get used to the technique) 1 set Squats - Weight Unknown Yet (done them before...just can't remember how much) 1 set Pull-Ups - 2 Sets Until Failure Inward Barbell Rows - Weight Unknown Yet , 1 set Military Press - Drop Set (25-20-15) Overhead Tricep Extension (2 arms) - 35lbs x 12 Pec Dec Fly (machine) - Drop Set (90-80-70) Oblique Twists - w/ 30lbs x 30 Bicycle Crunch - w/ 20lbs x 25 Crunch (legs raised) - w/20lbs x 25 Crunch (legs 90 degrees) - w/20 lbs x 25 Crunch - w/20lbs x 30 Reverse Crunch - x30 Captain's Chair Leg Raises - x15 Plank for 1:30 If there are any exercises you guys think I should add or remove please don't hesitate to say so!
  4. Upsetting game by the Titans...it looked promising in the start with the first drive, but the momentum instantly shifted to Pittsburg for the rest of the game. Meh, hopefully the bye week will give us time to recuperate.
  5. I don't keep track of the amount of protein I take each day, I've only been counting calories. I know protein is important in building muscle, so is there a minimum amount I should be having? I figured the leg curls would suffice for my quad workout, and I've never done deadlifts before, nor do I know their benefits. Are they something I should definitely look into? The barbell exercises are done standing up. And I only do one set of each exercise listed (except the two leg exercises) Could you elaborate more? I don't understand isolation routines vs. compound lifts.
  6. Haha, can a mod move this to the Sports & Fitness section please :D
  7. Long story short, I've been skinny, lanky, bony, etc. my entire life. Low food intake, a fast metabolism and laziness all blocked me on my road to a healthy body figure. At 19, I figure it's time to stop making excuses for myself and man up. I'll push down any obstacle that comes in my way, as I am determined to reach my goal(s). I had been doing home workouts (mostly abs) since the beginning of August, but now that I'm back in school I decided it's about time I start using the free gym facilities offered to students at my university. My workout program consists of the following as of now: Dumbbell Curl - 35lbs x 8 Overhead Tricep Extension (2 arms) - 35lbs x 12 Single Arm Row - 40lbs x 15 Pec Dec Fly (machine) - 90lbs x 12 Barbell Curl - 50lbs x 10 Barbell Upright Row - 50lbs x 15 Wrist Curl - 30lbs x 20 (each arm) Concentration Curl - 30lbs x 10 (each arm) Lat Pulldown - 100lbs x 15 Calf Raises - 55lbs in each arm x 20 Leg Curls - 135 x 20 (2 sets) Hamstring Curls - 110 x 15 (2 sets) Oblique Twists - w/ 30lbs x 30 Bicycle Crunch - w/ 10lbs x 25 Crunch (legs raised) - w/10lbs x 25 Crunch (legs 90 degrees) - w/10 lbs x 25 Crunch - w/10lbs x 30 Reverse Crunch - x30 Standing Leg Raises - x15 Plank for 1:30 I do this 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. So far I have noticed that the biggest improvement has been in my abs and obliques, but I'd like to see more development in my arms and chest. As for my calorie intake, I'm consuming about 1800 minimum per day, not including the protein shake I drink which adds 100 with each drink (16g of protein). I currently stand at 6'1 and weigh only 145lbs. My goal for the end of the school year (April) is to put on 20lbs of lean muscle mass, or at least put on enough meat so that I don't feel my ribcage when I pat my fingers against my chest. So are there any suggestions/tips you guys can offer me in regards to my workout plan and goal? If I continue down the path I'm on now, will my goal still be achievable? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks, but I think it's still nowhere close to meaning she'll be my girlfriend unfortunately. Work at it, it's easier than you think to make something out of it! :) If I learnt anything from this, it's to never "work" at it but rather let things come naturally.. well at least, this time I got a yes was the first time I wasn't "planning" anything. That's not necessarily true. To some degree you have to show a girl that you like her by being persistent--girls, like most people, LOVE attention. If you expect things to just fall in your lap then you'll most likely end up disappointed. Not all love is unconditional at first; spending time with your hopeful parnter and showing that you're interested can eventually lead them to reciprocate the same feelings.
  9. I realize it's under tempo as I'm still working on keeping it fluent at the regular tempo. I'll probably end up doing an entire cover of the song when I feel comfortable with the solo.
  10. Too bad those benefits didn't come in the form of cash. The man had a $6mil budget and only grossed $2000 in theatres.
  11. I'm somewhat of a product of what you're saying here. Before I began to take my music studies seriously I used to listen to genres such as rap, pop and in general modern songs that were popular amongst youth. When I delved deeper into the roots of music I learned about things such as harmonic and melodic structure, texture, orhcestration, timbre, etc., and how some of the great composers before us used them. As I continued gaining knowledge my appreciation for composers of the periods before us (i.e., Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist) increased exponentially. Music I had found to be boring and dull in my ignorant youth years had become a pleasure to listen to. You can literally write a book about the intricacy of these composers' works and how meticulous they were while creating them. Needless to say, I don't really listen to modern-day genres such as rap and pop anymore; hell, I didn't even know who Kesha was until a few months back. Part of this is due to the lack of appreciation I have gained for poorly structured or simple/uninteresting song structures, which unfortunately appear quite frequently in these genres. This is not to say I need a song to be super complex or that I dislike every pop song, admittedly I like a catchy pop song with common chord progressions every once in a while: it can be comforting to listen to. Personally I think it's best to agree to disagree and let people listen to the music they like despite it being mainstream, undeground, or whatever people label it nowadays. We have to remember that one of the main reasons people listen to music is because of the pleasure it brings them, and what may sound good to one person's ear won't necessarily sound the same to someone elses.That being said, a person's innate feelings towards a song is heavily influenced by, sometimes even solely based on, its social status. I can bet that there are hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy Justin Bieber's songs, but because of his status as a bad, untalented artist, their enjoyment of his music becomes incongruent with his social status and they therefore deem his music bad. Trust your ears people, if it sounds good to you then embrace it.
  12. I'm guessing she never mentioned it again and her announcement was totally meaningless? Precisely. Like it was just breast cancer, nbd.
  13. Go crazy? And it's times like these where I cherish my PS2. Three cheers for old gen consoles!
  14. My apologies for the delayed response. School was my highest priority at the time, and even when it finished I lost interest (once again...) in Runescape and thus didn't pay attention to this thread. In my guide you can read about my views on getting prayer as a Range 2H, and how I think it's unnecessary until the higher levels where pures aren't as large in number. Right now you're at a CB level in which most of your fights will be against pures, so I'd say wait until you're about 90 Strength to get prayer. As for the recommended level, get 31. Range becomes a supporting weapon once your 2H hits are greater than your range hits, so it's unnecessary to get 44 Prayer to increase the power of the supporting weapon when it's the main weapon (i.e., your 2H) you should be focused on.
  15. I've honeslty never experienced a severe amount of stress in my life, and for that I'm thankful. I mean, sure I get a little agitated during finals, but not to the point where I lose composure and become irritable. Dealing with these agitated periods isn't that hard for me really, I find that a quick nap or talking to some friends puts my mind at ease before I get back to studying/whatever stressful activity I was doing. I'm curious as to what you guys do to deal with your stress?
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