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  1. I just came accross your profile by accident and had a striking twinge of nostalgia, after recognizing the sig. You still alive over there buddy? Been almost exactly 2 years since your last post...

  2. I tried on Firefox originally and then tried IE, it works on IE for me. Cheers.
  3. I would choose undeterred motivation, It's something I greatly lack and holds me back on so many things. Offtopic: Hello Tipiters ;) It's been a while again.
  4. Hello again, It's been a while since I last logged on here or played RS. But seeing as the summer is here and I've got a couple of months Holidays, I decided a few months on RS can't go a miss. But on start up, I'm faced with a black screen.. I've just downloaded the latest Java software and tried again but still nothing. Anyone shed any light on this? Cheers, Bleed_Foryou.
  5. From a friend, they're pretty hard to get hold of. but Supra are bring out a NS range (Non-Skate) early this year, I've got my eye on these. they will probably cost between ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã100 - ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã150.
  6. I own 28 pairs, latest, Supra Skytop. & Nike Air Max 90 Footpatrols. & Vans Chukka LX white, (haven't got a true picture of these yet) Top set me back ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã80, middle set me back ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã100, bottom set me back only ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã50.
  7. Im anti gang, I dont see why people keep in cycles. Im sure your not a bad person, or atleast it dont seem like it. I know real gang people, ones that shoot each other ones that kill others and ones that sell drugs to whoever has the cash. I wouldnt be Proud to be a gangster anymore. Back when gangs were for the people it was something but now its all about greed, power and money. In mexico, I watched people gun down a guy, I watched people drag a guy outta his house kick the crap outta him then take him away. I was told by the people I was staying with that He was found dead. Theres no good in being gangster anymore. I take back my snide remark Supermike, no offence meant mate :wink:. @ Master, don't be a [bleep].
  8. Oh SuperMike, you and your little chums! : bless your cotton socks.
  9. First of all, get rid of the 'Gay Bashing' part of your post, and in the title, that's a little immature Deloria. And more to the point, I'm all for gay marriage, I'm all for gay relationships, It's not immoral, & It's not something to be made a mockery of. I'm a straight lad, but one of my best friends is a homosexual, I've known him since we were both little, & a couple of years ago he told me about it, and how he has feelings for me. At first I was a little knocked back, I didn't know what to think, bearing in mind I was younger then I wasn't as mature as I am now, but over time I forgot about it, it was not a big deal at all. And consequently I don't have a problem with it, or any other homosexuals, whether female or male. We still hang out, we still meet up and have a laugh.
  10. This was waiting for me when I got back from my weekend away mountaineering. & don't they check the age on your card against the age of the DVD? I mean, I'm 17, and they sold me an 18 movie, It's not a big deal :, but I was just wondering why they aren't strict about it.
  11. Big bump up, I'm still having this problem. Audio is fine, but the visual will freeze every second and then catch up. Any solutions?
  12. Titanic was the only film I can remember crying too at a young age, 10 perhaps? I watched it a few days ago when it was on t.v. and I got teary eyed, I'm a 17 year old lad who enjoys dirt biking & getting with girls at parties.. doesn't add up :. Boy A is also a sad film, it doesn't make you cry as such, but it's a really moving film. & American History X.
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