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  1. I second this query! Where did they go?

  2. I was pretty saddened by the news when I found out the other week. Pup was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with him while I was on the Tip.It staff. Even when he was waiting for his lung transplant back then I never heard him complain. In fact I didn't know he had CF for a very long time. He wasn't one that used it as a crutch or a reason to complain; he always was in a good mood and was up for a laugh no matter how bad he felt. Being around someone like that really helps you put your problems in perspective and realize that you aren't a victim of your circumstances - how you face your problems is entirely up to you. Pup fought for a very long time, and I'm glad he can now have some peace.
  3. Hell really can freeze over it seems. Have fun with the modly duties. Keep them on their toes. :thumbup:
  4. You're getting really close to 2,000, congrats. I expect you'll pass me again pretty soon; I must have been slacking during your absence. I'm sitting on about 300m now, give or take a bit. With items I'd hazard a guess of 350-360. At one point Milbrand was the lowest to get 2,000 total at level 89 combat (prior to hunter coming out I think). Larabarbara and Neo Qdon both hit it at pretty low combat themselves, but I don't believe either was below 89. I didn't manage to hit it until 91 combat. There might be someone who's done it under 89 but they've been under my radar at least if they did it.
  5. Pretty amusing thread. Reaching the end of a skill is an achievement no matter which skill it happens to be, and I'm sure everyone is happy to have attained their goal. However, as impressed as I am at 99 rc in general, the fact it was done in 8 days makes me cringe and negates the "glory". I'm not sure why everyone has a problem with ZMI because regardless of the leveling method, that amount of xp in that span of time would border on unhealthy. It's just a personal opinion, and I'm sure the hangers on around here will quickly disagree (flame). Comments regarding the leveling method and time involved are fair game if the topic creator has actually advertised it in the topic title. No ratings for me in this post because it's tacky and you wouldn't care if I gave it anyway. In any case, glad you got what you were after.
  6. Yeah, I consider it a work in progress - the desirability to play comes and goes; you know how that goes. When needed, it's a nice mindless activity to wipe away any residual thoughts of work.
  7. Well done man; two very impressive levels at once. I hope you keep finding farming as enjoyable as I have. Now just get your melee skills to 70 and you'll be set. You know you wanna. :lol:
  8. Getting really close man; best of luck on the last two. But seriously, who in their right mind gets 99 farming?
  9. No sense letting this sit any longer since pryo's request hasn't been done yet. I have no problem with the post being in Italian but there must be a translation provided with the text. The rule has already been quoted so no need for me to repeat it. If you want this reopened I'd be more than happy to do so, just send me (or any other moderator of this board) a PM letting us know you'll be posting a translation.
  10. As mentioned, the preview currently has a multi-quote post feature (obscurely placed I know since it took me a while to notice) although it doesn't have the functionality of the mod suggested. I'm just wondering what portion of multiquotes really need you to go past the 20 posts it shows in the preview. Maybe I just don't do the whole thing where I reply by breaking a post into 25 sections and replying to each so I wouldn't know how common this is.
  11. Well done Val. I've been keeping my eye on your progress and I'm glad to see you made it. :
  12. Hm, surprised I had replies here honestly; didn't figure anyone reads these anymore. I actually did grow herbs. I cleaned them all and got an herblore level. There's about 11k dwarf weeds now waiting to be sold when the price is decent. I'm selling instead of using since there are more efficient ways of leveling herblore that will waste less gp. Also I do tend to take a lot of breaks from RS. I've probably only gotten 10 levels this year so far. All I did was farm then log off for about 6 months. [hide=Herbs and Such][/hide] I wasn't aware of that. :o Neat. _______________________ I cleaned up my first post since the hide tags were all screwed up. I didn't bother putting anything about my current plans in it since I'm not sure I even want to bother keeping this topic anymore. Rate This (that's what I'm calling Blogscape since that's what it was originally) as a whole has really changed in the last couple of years and even from late last year there's a noticeable difference. The atmosphere here just isn't as good as it used to be; it seems to be packed with extreme attention seeking and gives off a vibe of myspace or youtube. I'll add you as a friend if you add me/I'll subscribe to your videos if you subscribe to mine, and here it's "I posted on your blog, come post on mine." Between the 120 page long topics, the ones that get 15 bumps per day by the author and his/her friends to stay on the front page, or the ones where people camp the GWD for 150M then buy herblore or summoning, I can see why anything people feel the need to attention seek; everything gets pushed to the side here unless it's outrageous or overdone. I've seen many threads come through this board and the one that still sticks out in my mind as one of the best was Zeldaot's 99 runecrafting topic. It wasn't because he did it in 60 days, or because he went without sleep to get the most runecrafting xp in one day. It's because he did it steadily over time and even had a couple setbacks he overcame. It was a topic you made it a point to check on. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about this board and what's it's devolved into, but there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it. I could go on but I'll leave off here.
  13. Hello everyone! We thought it was time for a little reminder about the signature and avatar rules. This is an example of an image that follows the signature rules. Here is an image that follows the avatar rules. To see how big an image is, right-click on the image and select "Properties". The box that pops up will give you the height, width, and file size of the image. If any of those exceeds the signature or avatar limits respectively, the image will be removed. While you can use an image with larger pixel dimensions (for example 500x500) and reset its dimensions in your avatar profile (to 100x100), this does not change the actual file size of your image, only the view of the image. Please be sure to choose an image that is 8kb or smaller in file size for avatars and images that together do not exeed 40kb in file size for signatures before you attempt to use them on our forums. Remember that even if your profile allows you to use an image, it does not necessarily mean that the image adheres to the signature and avatar rules. If you see any signatures or avatars that break the rules, please use the "report this post" feature and select the reason related to signatures and avatars. This is also a good time to remind everyone to keep a copy of your signature on your computer. When signatures are removed we remove the entire thing; keeping a backup is the best way to ensure you don't lose anything in your signature. The Tip.It Administrative Team
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