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  1. Congrats Stev. As far as all the other convo in this thread. The decision was made... if you dont like it then leave. He sets an example on the site in many ways and has proven it through his actions. Thats all that matters. Part of what is great about Tip.It is that we have always maintained a staff that is diverse in life and opinions. Yes, people do follow leadership and they will follow all his great qualities on staff. As mentioned, this isnt the RSOF and I hope it never becomes like that... I mean if it was, comments would have been removed long ago. :ph34r:
  2. Why not tell them about the... "secret" admin roles...
  3. So late, but congrats. It's an awesome privilege and a lot of work. Never lose your love for the users and staff and you will do well.
  4. One thing that really stands out to me about RuneScape over the years is that kind players always stand out. :) It seems like Tiffers seem to make up a larger portion of them. Not sure if threads like this are allowed as it could open players up to personal attacks but he'll see this either way. Haha.
  5. Amazing how fast time goes by. I was just made an admin when we left phpbb3. :P Crazy how much the forum software has improved from then on!
  6. Hope anyone who is interested takes the time to apply. It is a lot of work and commitment but you make friends that transcend your time on staff. You learn skills that you can use outside of Tip.It. Overall, it’s a great experience! Put your app in if you feel you can handle the commitment. :)
  7. To sexy for Tif.

    1. jimmy_jim


      That was a short second coming. Welcome back to the much better side :D

  8. For the better. ;) Things have changed indeed. We weighed the choices and feel this was an outstanding win for us and our new partners. :)
  9. Very exciting news! This is going to be a wonderful partnership. The increased traffic, support, and availability of our content will definitely solidify our being the #1 RS fansite.
  10. wow. Didn't even know you could buy mems from Amazon Surprised me! Interesting that you have to connect your amazon to your runescape to get it.
  11. Did you know Aaron's gay? He came out yesterday

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