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  1. i don't see why quest capes have such a stigma... personally i am going for a quest cape as i love quests (and their rewards) \ however with the release of some recent quests - rocking out, summers end and most notably While Guthix Sleeps i am hoping that the hate and disrespect of those wearing quest capes will go away i just think that if they havn't even done the work involved in getting a cape no one should be flaming someone for having a "noob cape"
  2. :thumbsup: gratz.... just please don't have too much fun and decide to ban me or something lol
  3. here you go forum name:PlatSilver runescape name:Plat Silver [/img] thanks
  4. it didnt actually say cost effective - it said effective... ie 30 hp per inventory space > shark... just not very fast :
  5. ok... i first learned rubik's cube from this site http://www.stanford.edu/~leyanlo/cubesolution.pdf its relatively simple and you can get some ok times you only need to learn 11 algorithms for this solution which i managed in around 1 hour but if you want to get really good, and waste a lot of time, you can learn a lot more (around 150+) and get really fast solves to be completely honest i cant be bothered lol *my best time is around 1 min*
  6. lol anyone feel like abyssal runecrafting on these worlds? ;)
  7. gah... toothache - it just had to remind me of my trip to the dentist this week :( edit: *high lvl mage announces party drop* noobs crowd around... ice barrage noobs ftw!!!
  8. ever since i learned how to solve a rubik's cube i cannot have my rubik's cube scrambled - i must solve it :roll: does anyone else have a similar problem with rubik's cubes and other puzzles like this?
  9. only 5ft under? lol ur grave people must be really stink - we get the whole 6ft here :thumbsup:
  10. back when i first became a member i found that i was getting addicted to rs... with my parents not allowing me to play, i was getting up at 1am (when they were asleep) to play and often playing till 5am, then having only 2-3 hours of sleep before i had to get up for school #-o after my grades went down and i was called into guidance i realised that i would have to change and severely reduce my time spent on the game even though i still play rs quite a bit, i am more able to control myself and get sleep : and my grades are much better, im paying attention in class, and i am mostly top in my classes \ i think runescape has been a defining factor in my life, and i dont regret ever playing it (except maybe late at night)
  11. finally back on a computer lol... redid the animation... now its really tiny lol fixed the issues with wierd camera views... this is favourite frame in a more detailed render
  12. lol... i would add more frames to slow it down, but im already oversize :wall:
  13. ah... well ill get onto resizing as soon as i can get PC access again thanks for the helpful reminder edit: maybe i can squeeze it into my siggy :
  14. :) PSP is great for just looking, but i dont like that it cant handle hide tags... so i use a PC when im really using the forums
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