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  1. Best. Quest. Ever. Thanks Mod Ana.
  2. Still love it. Feels like Facebook games though.
  3. What's wrong with playing RuneScape? Nothing. It's only the bad reputation Jagex aswell as some players yearning for better graphics gave it. I like the current state of RuneScape.
  4. It could have been worse. I mean, imagine it being a SLOW useless, moneysink. :)
  5. Thanks for the move. Hopefully it'll be out before July. Otherwise maxing two skills will take me a full year :D
  6. From a maxed player going for the prestigious Completionist cape, i'd like to hear when YOU think the new skill(s) are coming! Will it be next month? In May? Or perhaps in July. Who knows! But we can always have a fun little guessing game right? :wink: I'm asking this not only because this is a -fun- forum kind of a game to do. But also because that i feel that i want to Achieve the Completionist cape, before the new skill(s) are out. :) it's gonna be fun, but also challenging; and i do not know how i'll ever be able to get the remaining 43 million Dungeoneering experience in a short amount of time. (I do not play too often as of now). *Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, still not used to these forums! :D Also, a great Anti-Bot update from a Jmod, i saw on the HLF earlier today: (uploading this since most players doesn't have access to that area of RSOF) Also, not sure if i'm allowed to share links. I can edit this if needed. http://puu.sh/28Oui All the best, ohhh.
  7. Lol, looking at the first page. everyone doubted that it was even possible. Suomi proved you guys wrong. :)
  8. it has always existed. But i believe that it was higher during RSC. (Higher than 200M)
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