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  1. Just had a friend come online who told me how to clear it. I have an icon appeared in my display and have no idea how it got there, how can I remove this ? It says Prayer Points Boosted.
  2. I read all over the place that pineapples take 14 hours to grow, the lot I have on the go at the moment have so been been growing 24 hours and still not quite developed fruit ? I am using super compost and paying the gardeners to look after the patches. Think I maybe be better off growing willow trees.
  3. OK fixed, I logged out shut down, logged back in all OK :)
  4. This started today I am not seeing private messages friends or otherwise in RS3. I can see the name of the person I am sending to in the message bar at the bottom, I type my message and send, but I do not see the message in the main text area above, nor am I seeing any replies, I have tried everything, its driving me mad, help! Also I can click through the message box to chop trees/move etc, this is all very strange. I am in Private chat and have it set to Friends only. EDIT : Fixed clicking through the chat box, how the hell that setting got changed I will never know, still no PMs as yet.
  5. Has anybody found or does anybody know of an area with more than one elder tree, ? I have found/discovered some single ones and I am chopping one, then move to the next, I am using three spots. South of Seers at Divination spot - Loadstone to Draynor Draynor south below bank - Loadstone to Edgeville Edgeville just South - Rinse and repeat
  6. Not played Dungeoneering since its early days, I disliked it then because of xp earned as a solo player, will I dislike now ? How and in what way has it changed for the solo player ? Thanks.
  7. I do not know what has happend but I cannot use the loadstone tele system, been playing since 2005 just recently had a break to play Oldschool came back today and now it seems I cannot use the loadstone tele system, when I click on the (H) to bring up the loadestone map it just teles me to to Burthorp all the time. Right clicking on the (H) and choosing another option does nothing either. Any help would be good, its driving mad.
  8. Thanks, looking at the extreme attack, overload route :)
  9. Came back to EoC and decided to finish of herblore to 99, 97 at the moment. I was making Serum 207 as it is a cheap way to go, no profit but hey least I was on my to 99. Thing is now I cannot seem to buy the supplies to make them. I had roughly 14 mil left when I came back so I bought a load of Grimy Torstol, cleaned them all got some xp not much but at least I was moving forward again, now I find nobody is buying clean Torstol. What is the latest in fashion way to get from 97 to 99 Herblore cheaply not to fussed about profit ?
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