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  1. What was their reason for the ban? Apparently macroing; aka they can perma ban me with no evidence.. I still can't believe it. Hah. Like maybe I can understand like if I was skilling or bank standing or like clicking fast or something - but in the middle of a quest? E-mailed the customer support and apparently they're gonna forward my situation to their systems support team, but I highly doubt anything will be done.
  2. Not gonna lie, haven't been in this thread in a long time - but Muggi over the past few months I've used the tips/suggestions you gave me (and others) in regards to relationships and I think I may be the most confident (in maybe an [wagon]/cocky way, but whatever) I have ever been. Thank you. haha.
  3. Ls. Got permanently banned while doing Rune Memories. [bleep] JaGEX those [bleep]ers. Appealed to it; but I would be highly surprised if they even look at it. Congratz to them though, losing paying and playing customers one day at a time; they'll be gone in 5 years lel. [bleep] this shit.
  4. Did a farming run and got 47 Farming this morning followed by 1.3k total. Crazy how a week ago I was 980 total. Hahahah. Not sure what today's plan is, most likely questing and slayer, but I am unsure - I feel like I should do some Firemaking, so maybe I'll do a few thousand Maples at some point today.
  5. FInished Dragon Slayer, The Dig Site, and The Grand Tree tonight, which placed me over 70 QPS and almost 50 attack and defense. Hopefully, those will follow with 35 slayer and some other levels.
  6. Just realized I was in your sig...I don't remember saying that at all haha
  7. Finished Merlin's Crystal and The Holy Grail today as well as got 42 Defence so far, and 38 Magic (probably will get 40 by the end of today). Also planning on doing somemore slayer, hoping for around level 20-30 by tomorrow night, we shall see.
  8. Thanks; I'll be working on some Slayer tonight and starting questing again tomorrow/the rest of the week - aiming for over 100 QPS by the end of the week.
  9. Got P2P tonight and finished all F2P quests except Dragon Slayer and Shield of Arrav (can't be bothered to find a team mate atm). Then finished Waterfall Quest and am about to get 40 Attack.
  10. 40 Range today...may do some quests tonight, but also may be drunk - so questing may get difficult hahha
  11. Went from 5 to 37 Quest points today, so was a good day in that respect. Only 7 F2P quests left to do, 3 of which I won't be able to do for awhile (most likely until after I get P2P). Good night.
  12. Looking at having only 3 quests to finish tomorrow and then just to work on getting my other combat stats up for the rest of this week. Once I have an idea of my schedule (probably Saturday) for the next few weeks I'll decide on if/when I'll buy P2P.
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