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  1. Hopefully they will make enough money off it to stop draining every last £ they can out of RuneScape, some how I doubt it though.
  2. Brb selling account and money before it's worthless.
  3. Yes you will still be getting them, nothing you can do with them though. Thought you could only get them before you defeated the champion and people with multiple scrolls just hadn't killed the champion yet.
  4. We both know that's a lie. And what did Sparc Mac do to you? There are plenty of legit players who have a lot of wealth but i take it you haven't ever visited many underground rs sites lol. There is some truth to what he said. Get look at a the people who recover accounts, or what some bug abusers have accomplished. Many have acquired hundreds of billions (although they real world trade most of it) As for examples, well there. Also to note NONE of this is mine. I also do not promote account recovery or hacking in anyway. Please everyone, keep your accounts safe. Bad language here [hide][/hide] #keenos lol
  5. That WAS legitimately lag. Look at that vid-- he lags out for a few secs then gets hit for all his HP in one turn. look at my video though, that would not have made much difference even if he didnt lag. Did you really just say that? You hit back to back 300s and 2 small vengs, not the hardest thing to eat out of without lag...
  6. Too bored to read all the replies so this may have already been bought up, but, if you are flipping 10 per 4 hours, there is a no surprise your making such small profits. Also the items are bad for large profits.
  7. Matt258, before he start making millions of accounts!
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