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  1. Why does the chant have to mention God? I'm sure they could come up with 100 other cutesy little chants that the kids would love and never once mention God. The thing is, if it's not a state-run daycare, then it's fine as long as the parents know it's happening. I personally wouldn't want my kids being told that God is great and all that. When I have kids I'll make them aware of the ideals and teachings of many religions, but I'll let them pick their religion as they get older. My girlfriend wanted to go to this free concert at her school the other night and I went with her (free pizza, I was hungry). I had a it was going to be some Christian bs so I kind of picked up little hints of Christianity through their songs. Then they had a little intermission where they wanted to talk about God. They spent a good 30 minutes talking about it. Then the lead guy decided to lead everyone in a prayer. I refused to bow my head for it and after they finished up and went back to singing I walked out. It's good and all that they're willing to support their religion but it would have been nice to know they were going to waste my time pushing religion on me. I have my ideals and they don't change just because some guy says his god is going to send me to hell for not believing.
  2. Jeans and a t-shirt. I'm not so picky about where my shifts come from though most of my shirts are from Aeropostale and American Eagle. I like Aero jeans. Something about them just feels better than Levis and such. And most of my clothes have stains of some sort on them. Mostly from working on the car, but that happens.
  3. deloriagod


    Everyday I'm, everyday I'm, everyday I'm hustlin'
  4. If you're the kido I think you are, then I remember you too. Numbers just throw me off lol Haha I literally lol'd. Are you makin fun of be because I say bro? :P
  5. Haha. Something tells me they wouldn't be afraid of you. Bro, I'm not some little kid like most people on these boards. I'm nearly 20 years old. If I caught someone drilling a hole in my [bleep]ing gas tank, they'd be lucky to have someone pull me off of them. Gas tanks aren't cheap and the labor isn't fun. Trust me, anybody that actually appreciates a car for more than it's convenience would teach your little friends a thing or two for what they do. They can go siphon gas all they want, but they better know what's coming their way one of these days.
  6. Yeah the fox bodies aren't the nicest cars ever... I only like the first gen, 4th gen, and the current generation of mustangs tbh. Actually 2nd gen wasn't too bad.... But yeah I can see why insurance would suck. Anyway best of luck with everything :) Thanks bro. Yeah 1st generation was sick. Second was alright. I hate third. Fourth is my favorite. And I'm not a real big fan of the S197 models. I like how they tried to go back to the old look, but they're just too bulky.
  7. So.. As much as I absolutely love working on my project car/daily driver, I'm thinking about holding off on the mods for a while and saving up for a bike. I found a Yamaha YZF for $3500 today and there are a few other goods deals on my local craigslist. I'm by no means giving up on the car, I just need something else to drive when I start in on bigger projects and will have the car down for days at a time (my work doesn't like me taking half a week off to work on the car lol). Plus I've always wanted a bike ;) Checked with insurance today and I can get covered for about $60/month. It's really basic coverage, but it's about the same as I have on the Mustang now. So I've got some things to consider and some money to save :)
  8. Lol are you the Lenin I remember? But he's all grown up now! :3 It's so cute to see everyone all grown up :P
  9. Haha chrome is just too difficult to take care of. With work and school I can only get the car washed once a week so I figured black wouldn't show as much brake dust :) Plus I like how it looks with the black accents on the car like the rocker stripes, bumper letter, tribar emblems, and grill inserts.
  10. Songs have always been the number one thing I associate with memories. If I've heard a song before, I probably have a specific time I can remember hearing it :) One of my favorites is "Somewhere Under The Raindbow" by Brother Iz. It reminds me of Hawaii and how much I miss that place.
  11. Do me a favor and go beat the living piss out of your buddies. Let them know it's from me. There's no reason to ever touch another man's car, especially with intent of doing damage. Your buddies need to learn a little respect because if I caught them doing that to my car, they'd be lucky to see daylight again.
  12. On a side note a car full of high school kids almost hit me doing 80 in a 40 this evening. They wanted a race but almost hit the median, then me. I was in a hurry to get home otherwise I would have chased them down and called the police (I'm against street racing, I even turned down a race against an Infinity at 2am on a deserted highway last night. Plus 5 guys in a 4 cyl Civic is nothing against even a V6 Mustang with gears, tlok, exhaust, intake, and a good tune). So I'll be on the lookout for an early-mid 90's, 4 door, 4 cylinder, black Honda Civic in decent (at best) condition. Gonna smack that kid around and show him why you don't mess around on public streets. We have a drag strip that's only an hour away and should be open by now.
  13. Lol are you the Lenin I remember? Thanks bro and will do :) Pedal lights are just for the hell of it (and to test my wiring skills :P). They're handy at night when you drop something on the floor or when the passenger needs to do something that requires light but the overhead lights bother the driver. I've also got them wired to a switch in case the police want to get on my back about it ;) And the car is going to be repainted white. I was going to have it painted Dark Shadow Grey but I'm not feeling up to pulling the engine to have the engine bay painted. And white with black accents has grown on me :) I wanted something fuel injected so I went late model. I don't especially like the fox bodies and the SN95 (94-98) didn't appeal to me with the curves. 05+ was out based purely on cost. So with the new edge models (99-04) being my favorite body style of the late models I started looking and came up with a 2000 since it was one of the few 5 speeds I found. GT's were a little hard on the insurance (I wrecked my '00 Firebird a few years ago and insurance won't let me forget it) so the 3.8L V6 was what I was left with. I would have loved to get a 60's model (I actually plan on finding a Boss 429 or 66-69 GT in the future for a restoration project) but insurance on a classic car would kill me and I couldn't drive a classic for a daily driver. I would feel terrible putting all those miles on it :P I got back today :) I'm not concerned with the plate, it's no longer registered to my name. I personally went with a custom plate ;) Yeah I can't wait to get a new front bumper on it and some fresh paint. And I just so happen to have a video of the exhaust. Note: I'm the camera man and the driver, so you don't get to see the tailpipes :P This is also all in neutral, it has a nice low tone in 3rd and 4th. And I know how the car forum thing goes. I spend a good 5+ hours a day reading over car forums :)
  14. I might also redo the exhaust with long tube headers ($350) and Thrush Weld mufflers ($100) and possibly an off-road H pipe. Considering doing a new camshaft as well. It's quite a rush to drive past cops and know your car is illegal in many way ;)
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