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  1. Is he going to runespan 200m rc, if there nothing left to multi-task level it?
  2. I've had that random more than once in the span and have not lost my runes. All I know is that last night I got the random but decided go to bed instead, woke up, did it. Had no runes. but they got converted to points
  3. I can confirm that when you get the pinball random, you lose all your runes
  4. Ballin' Hot weather annoys me. also hot soda
  5. Should I go for all nods or only the ones that give more xp than the current creature im siphoning?
  6. So if I were to enter this place, what the best way to get Rc xp?
  7. Suomi does his daily spins, he just doesn't buy spins. I actually don't agree because in his video, he tells how he doesn't suppot the wheel and doesn't use the spins.
  8. I want suomi to post and tell us what he'll spend the free "250k xp" on and If jagex makes it so you only get the xp from exhausting all the spins, will he take the xp?
  9. Can't wait to buy spins on useless cosmics!
  10. Lazy workers Im in a store and in a line, the cashier shuts down the line when there still a ton of us left, because her shift was done. Could've at least finished with the people first, but nooo
  11. are you alive?

  12. If I skill boosted using evil dave's stew. Do I need keep remaking the stew til it boosts smithing, or does it boost all the skills related to the color? ex. If I drink the stew, am I gonna get a +6 in all the skills orange spice gives? Or a random
  13. Can I boost for the 91 smithing req for it?
  14. Figured I say thanks for this method. Gained about 2m xp over 3 days there, gonna continue til 99 firemaking (only 4m more xp to go!)
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