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  1. Thanks guys, by all means let us know if this belongs elsewhere :S . Ill check out Student Room, she didn't anticipate how tricky it could be finding people willing to take a questionnaire, just doing what I can to spread the word.
  2. Hi guys, my girlfriends struggling to find enough people to take part in her questionnaire for University. She's studying user behaviours with dietary supplements, which includes anything that can be taken to replace a normal intake of food, diet-bars, protein shakes, vitimin tablets etc. Would really appreciate if anyone could have a stab at filling this out, would really mean a lot. Spent the night converting the questionnaire into an easy to fill out site on survs.com, average completion time is 4 minutes so it's not such of a time killer. Link. https://www.survs.com/survey/YJNCD7D6TV And if not would anyone know a good place to find candidates online? Cheers guys, Terley (On another note) If anyone remembers me, just a life update, recently landed myself a new Job as an Animator for a big E-Learning company in Liverpool UK. Plan on updated everyone on what ive been up to the last few years on the Gallery soon :).
  3. terley

    Herp de derp.

    lovely use of texturing :)
  4. Let me know whatcha think :) A short animation about an old man called Charlie who's struggling to cope after the death of his wife, deteriorating more and more each day Charlie seeks a way to turn back the clock and be with his love once again. A bit of teary one guys don't expect any slapstick :-? Recently lost my Grandmother Monday 13th Sept, my Grandad's taking it really hard so this story just real for me. :sad:
  5. interesting, nice use of colours. -ter
  6. thx bam nice hearing from you again :) I tried to make it un-nerving more than anything, it's not everyday you see a clown in such a smart suit.
  7. I think they look nice, just don't have anything constructive to say. This type of digital art isn't my strong point because it relies on program techniques and such. But yeh looks good, maybe not so clear what's going on with your latest one but interesting all the same.
  8. I actually did a 1 minute music video all in pixel art for my 1st year final project, looking back it's not that bad.. Parts are still un-animated, well in animatic state (a step after initial story board put into the timeframe) and there's a lot of faults but when I get around to finishing it i'd totally consider maybe showin you guys :lol: . used arne's palette in my animation. (a pixel artist on wayofthepixel) another great palette if anyone wants to have a do. (edit) ah screw it, here's a screen-shot of a frame. Individual pixel art in this isn't too great sticking to a short deadline and all, but its the animation that counts. :oops: http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/6626/screeniebj7.png
  9. well im in university atm studying animation so a lot of what I do these days is within a learning curve towards becoming an animator, getting to grips with motion and character designs, also written a lot of scripts. So any illustration has been simple concept work as of yet, in all honesty im still learning so im not 100% happy with what i've produced so far, don't really want to post my animation experiments to the public because it's raw and mostly unfinished work but Im certainly not going anywhere guys. Just rather keep myself outta my comfort zone for now. : thx for the nice comments.
  10. yeah where have all the pixelers gone? I started pixelling here years ago and since it's almost totally detiorated :( bad times.
  11. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, some comments here have been a bit harsh, he did ask for people to go easy. If someones not totally got to grips with palette control yet comments about bad colours are just going to be lost without full backed up explainations to help show him how.A fixed set of colours is great to start you off creating pixel art I think, it's suprising what you can acomplish. I've seen some pieces where people have just gone overboard may have created something though you could say it's quite pretty, have wasted so much unnecissery colours. Yeah it may be a bit saturated but great job for a first time pixel art piece, you've done exactly what you set out to acomplish, any improvements from now would possibly be on the typefacing, letters could be constructed much clearer than this if you worked at it. More than this would involve more intricate techniques to be applied and a more advanced use of a palette. But overall welldone :
  12. For PJ weekly challenge, had to stick to C64 palette so this was mostly about trying to get what I could out of the colours provided. The topic was clowns so I thought it'd be quite funky to come up with a new character that wouldn't be mistaken for the Joker. There's something just kinda creepy about a clown in a smart suit, plus the idea is him knocking on your door, Im thinking he's like turned up for a kids party or something. Here's the palette if anyone wants to have a go. Any comments or crits welcome, like 16 hours left till deadlines over so if there's anything i've not spotted thats a major or minor problem please let me know : . Oh and could do with your votes after today :P I've never won before. Just take a visit to pixeljoint. thx.
  13. For mine I just turned up with a sketchbook and charcoal and spent the time experimenting, having fun drawing objects around the class with interesting lighting introduced. Had enough time to do some painting too, think I painted a dragon at some point with some existing animals as reference. My advice would be to not to spend all your time thinking of 'perfect idea', leave your piece room to evolve, preparation-wise make a collection of things of interest maybe, textures, styles, whatever will make you more comfortable when it comes to painting. When it comes to paint; think of what you want your piece to say, colour reflects mood so good use of this could go well towards your marks. More than anything, just have fun with it, I remember seeing people at my exam so prepared with exactly what they wanted that when it came to it they just became so precious with their work and restricted, they looked like they were at work rather than something they liked to do. It's hard to put down exactly what you picture in your head, so leave your ideas room to become something more.
  14. Pretty good so far, I do think there is a lot that can be improved on with the dragon, try think of it's whole structure even behind the wings. Also it's neck seems twisted to the right uncomfortably. With the guy you seem to be doing alright, only crits atm i'd say is that he doesn't seem grounded enough. Feet maybe too small. Well just a quick adjustment to show what I mean, hope it helps.
  15. crazy idea.. is that digimon and pokemon mixed? :o or just 2 pokemon? anyway its pretty cool :)
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