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  1. I had considered planning another Cababgepalooza/reunion for 7/7 but ended up deciding to make it every other year-ish.
  2. I don't mind SoF that much. I mind that Jagex is shoving it in our faces every update.
  3. Iglw

    My Gelpen Work

    Took me a while to figure out what gelpens were. XD I love what you've done.
  4. Alg

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. I'm so tempted to try this. ._o
  7. I had a period of time when I used GIMP. It crashed so often. :| Also GIMP's interface. *shudders* Nice to see you at it again star :D
  8. Thanks for the links.
  9. Seer's Diary Tasks Complete I sold a portion of my bank and dumped 6 to 8 mil into herlore to get it up to 90. Toughening up to get some less desirable skills done.
  10. Bunch of Levels I've been ill for the past few weeks or so, but I'm getting to a point where I no longer need pain killers to get through the day, which is nice. Just a ton of fatigue I have to deal with throughout the day. Effigies I've finally gotten 95 mining and have cleared out the remainder of my effigies. I've been avoiding slaying until that happened in order to avoid the effigy penalty, and I'm too greedy to let other people clear the effigies for me. I now have the levels to finish off any effigy (when boosted), which is very convenient Slayer/Range w/Hati paws I've started slayer in combination with ranged. I really hate both skills and am hoping that doing them both at once will make the time go faster. I haven't been using my Hati paws so I've been wearing those. It was slow at first but I'm down to 3% charge remaining. Also: geyser titans are awesome. Goals My main goals now are to finish getting 90+ all skills while prepping myself for the taskmaster requirements. Those are: herblore, prayer, summoning, and slayer.
  11. They need an option to hide the SoF pop up. It's really annoying to have to click the little 'x' every time I log in.
  12. Still saving up my tickets so I can destroy them all in a blaze of glory. No deal Jagex. No deal.
  13. dragon c'bow! :rolleyes: or... Dragon powered cooking range! :shades:
  14. BRB not letting future daughter play RS Remember, bring your daughter to work day is the perfect time to get her tested. Took the words right out of my mouth. o_o
  15. Did seem too good to be true. Less incentive to not camp at soul esswraith now other than to grab the occasional yellow wizard.
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