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  1. Star.


    Discovered that there's an ant colony living under my room of our rented house. I only realized when I saw ants moving some white maggot looking things in a corner of my bedroom. It's either kill myself or kill them so I'm gonna flush them out with some ant spray in the morning.
  2. Star.


    I think I went from knowing what PHP and SQL are to creating a session based online shopping basket in about 3 days for a deadline. And then I realised there's probably tons of source code online that I could have used instead. Those were a few fun sleepless nights.
  3. Banned for resuscitating a thread that was dead for 2 months.
  4. Star.


    I somehow decided my time is better spent packing for when I leave halls on Saturday instead of revising for my exam tomorrow. For my first exam I completely cleaned my room, bathroom and kitchen. Why do I do this?!
  5. Star.


    I am dead, my brain is frying. I have a systems analysis and design exam on Monday and I'm determined to spend all my free time on revision. I usually fail colossally in exams so I'm gonna change that. I also should be getting some grades back today so I'm a bit distracted u_u checking my email every 10 minutes.
  6. Star.


    Spend the past 5 hours making a website, writing the content for it, photoshopping the content for it and then finally a 1000 word report. I need to start writing my JavaScript game, it's in for next Tuesday. I am really gonna dumb down the game, three images in a column, about 5 rows and each image has a radio button underneath. If player presses correct radio button, +5 to his score. Not even going to entertain the idea of difficulty levels and lives. Its 7:11am I have not yet slept and I have a class at 9 but I'm going to sleep!
  7. I asked my group member to send me our finished report so I could improve her crappy spelling/grammar. She takes about half of what I've improved so now we just submitted a report which has bits that seem like they were written by a ten year old. I also changed the font from Times New Roman to Calibri but she didn't realise that they were different and our first sentence of the report is literally half Calibri, half Times New Roman. Hopefully we still get a 2:1, I'll take a low 2:1.
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