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  1. I log in on here occasionally to see how active it is. Logged on to RS today- last login was 565 days ago! I'm on Reddit all the time and can definitely see how it took over.
  2. It's been awhile since I've been on here. Logged in randomly to my account and was shocked how different it is! The old school Runescape seems appealing, though!
  3. I am not in possession of the stash, but our leader Blackbane still has them! I believe it's above 4mil cabbages now, too.
  4. Glad to see Tip.it is still going! Kah bah gee, to all my Order of Cabbage friends
  5. Hey all, Order of Cabbage member here! It's been almost 8 years since we got started/I joined in. I stopped playing about 4,5 years ago, yet I still manage to log in every couple of months and pick some cabbage. As do a lot of the other past members! Just wondering if anyone else around here still remembers us? Loved being on Tip.it back in the day!
  6. I was there/saw it happened- lived! I was freaking out, though.
  7. American Sign Language- I've taken a few years of it, and it is a truly amazing and unique language.
  8. Swimming is very good for ya! Keep with it!
  9. Topic On Gizmodo Brilliant idea. Spread the word.
  10. "Do you know what I am saying?" haha, great episode.
  11. Harry Potter > Twilight Twilight just had horrible acting, movie wise.
  12. You mean Morris code. I'm pretty sure it is 'Morse' code named after Samuel Morse :P
  13. I found an undiscovered Easter Egg! ^_^ Here's the bungie forum topic: http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx ... s=true#end
  14. Also, I think I found something out...Tell me what you think!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxf0NbsvLiQ
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