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  1. COUNCIL OF SARADOMIN FORUM | MEMBERLIST | APPLY | IRC CHANNEL VIDEOS: CLAN WARS CLAN VIDEO PK VIDEO COS VS BSK COS VS AO COS FIGHT CLUB INTRODUCTION The Council of Saradomin (COS) has been around for nearly three years now. While we have a main focus around our members and maintaining our long-time Brotherhood, we are also skilled and experienced in Warring, PVP Worlds and monster killing (Godwars and such). With the additions of PVP worlds COS has taken to them and gained an advantage over many other clans in Runescape. We have solid events, which is normally why members want to join. Our active and experienced Event Staff set up around 10 events a week in various timezone for GMT and US based members, which are both P2P and F2P so everyone can join in. COS welcomes members of all timezones. If you are looking for an established, dependable and powerful clan then your clan hunting is over. REQUIREMENTS 1. Have an active Runescape account with 100+ Combat 2. Maintain an average of 1 post per day on the COS Forum (.5 posts per day if you are active in #cosclan) 3. Attend a MINIMUM of 1 event every calendar month EVENT SCHEDULING COS operates on a weekly event schedule. Schedules are released every Friday night They include 8-12 events, split between both F2P and P2P. Included are weekly Clan Wars and PVP World trips to go along some monster killing events and fun skilling or original events. Our event staff works very hard to come up with new events and ideas that make these normal events more exciting. MONTHLY CONTESTS So you need something to do between events. Well that is exactly what the monthly contest is for. Contests focus on one skill, seeing who can gain the most xp in that month. Most contest are combat oriented skills, though some are non-combat. We also hold a clan wide DM Tournament roughly every few months, so you have a chance to match your killer skills against the best COS has to offer. F2P EVENTS Clan Wars (full out, matched opts, minis and fun) PVP Worlds Bounty Hunter Interclan Wars Original Events (Burn Down Varrock, I Am Sparta, B0B) Skill Events Revenant Hunting Parties P2P EVENTS Clan Wars PVP Worlds God Wars Kalphite Queen King Black Dragon Giant Mole House Parties Castle Wars Duel Arena Fight Pits Chaos Elemental And plenty more.... IRC COS has one of the most active clan IRC channels. Often with 30 members inside during the day time. IRC is where we do most of our important discussions, hang out and joke around, set up wars and events, get to know each other and just have a good time. There is nothing better than relaxing in our IRC channel to fight off the often boredom that comes from training for long periods of time in Runescape. Our channel is open to anyone, so feel free to stop by and check us out. FORUM The COS Forum is our central place for talking, setting up events, making important announcements and getting any type of information out to our members. It's also got a lot of funny and interesting topics about Runescape and what is going on around the world. With over 80,000 posts on our forum and over 150 members there is always going to be something happening there. Features This is likely the best aspect of the Council of Saradomin. We have so many great features that allow our members to get the most out of the COS. 1. COS Newsletter 2. COS Awards 3. COS Members' Guides, Tips and Tricks 4. COS Fantasy Sports Leagues 5. Event Poll of the Week 6. Monthly Skill Contest Plus countless other great features that are rewarding... Joining The Brotherhood So are you hooked to the clan yet? You want to join our great community and ownage wars? Well if not it's alright, COS isn't for everyone, yet everyone who meets requirements is welcome! Either way, just watch out for the day when you see us in a PVP world or at Clan Wars! Now here's a step by step break down of how to apply: 1. Register your forum username - http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.p ... eg&CODE=00 2. Read over our COS Rules - http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.p ... boardrules 3. Make sure that you are logged onto your new account - http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.p ... in&CODE=00 4. Read this thread and copy the application inside - http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?showtopic=6 5. Paste the application and fill in all information possible - http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.p ... DE=00&f=10 Or simply view our forum by using this link: http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/ If you have any questions please let me or one of our Staff Members know and we will do our best to help you out. Thank you for looking over the Council of Saradomin and we are looking forward to gaming with you in the future! Thank you, Leader of Council of Saradomin, Icie Juicy
  2. kk thanks alot ill just go iron steel drag for a bit then
  3. can i do the lunar tele to zmi with 70 mage?
  4. whats the fastest runecraft exp that i can get atm im lvl 81 almost 82 going for 99
  5. firemakeing,cooking,fishing,or woodcutting
  6. get farming up. thiveing and grow them and in your spair time while waiting for em to grow do something like kill chaos druids or fish =D i just love fishys XD
  7. yeah thats prolly true but like i said the flood is still there do you think we might have like rush the flood at there home planet?
  8. okay now since every1 like beaten halo3 like 4 times how about discussing on how you think halo 4 will be like there will be a halo 4 cause of that line at the end of the game (wake me when you need me) in my personal views i think halo4 will be you and the flood would have something going with it think about it elites joind you,brutes are out all the enemys are gone but the flood, tell meh your thoughts
  9. iron in the most unpopulated spot like that area neer yanille is where i do it just mine a full inv and drop it and repeat
  10. Therell never be a end of pokemon... there just going to go off like finalfantasy and just create something beyond the unervirse. video games are like that.
  11. i have 1 for the wii its the only wii game i like so far but zelda twilight is amazeing the best zeldagame iv played yet
  12. Get live,elite looks cooler and has more memory,get wireless controllers theres only 2 wired ports, these games would be my faveroite you should give em a try Bioshock Gears of War Oblivion orange box The new finalfantasy game is alright i forget what number it is tho. :s i know you said expt halo3 but halo3 is just awsomeness XD
  13. lol i dont do grammer screw it.whats the point of peroids and stuff.......lol
  14. when i was f2p i traind on red spiders sure no drops but you dont have to click them theyll all attack you and youll kill em fast
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