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  1. I actually really want to play this. I want the Collectors Edition, but I don't want it badly enough to pay the prices they're asking for. I'd pay maybe £90, but not £120. I might buy the Digital Deluxe one though. I intend to look into it a little bit more first, just to make sure I really do want it. So far though, it looks pretty good. The fact that they're allowing pre-orders without either a) a release date or b) any information on how much this game is going to cost is a bit worrying to me, though.
  2. I have tried basically every form of playtype. Pure, main, skiller, def pure, other pures, but not every type of pk pure, and I'm glad I haven't. DIYing seems like the funniest way, since you have to work for your levels, rather than just 'oh hey dude, I got a few ags and claws pks last week, if I get one more AGS sometime soon, I can sell it all and buy 95 pray, TURM FTW!!!' :) Thx guise. Oh ok, that's fair enough then! Good luck with it! :D
  3. May I ask the point of doing a character in this fashion? I think it's interesting but.. well, a massive effort! Regardless, best of luck!
  4. S. 978 is literally so that the government can ask people: "you mad bro?" Seems pointless.
  5. I can so relate to this Andu, everyone wants me to be it for the next year but I really don't want it. More important things to worry about than such a silly position, and the thoughts of having to host an awards night, yuck. Too many secrets to tell. :( Seriously: I'm doing 4 A levels and have 2 part time jobs. I have enough going on in my life without being the focal point of the school and making speeches to every parent to wander into my school's doors ever. Literally the only upside is that I get a funky tie.
  6. Confession: I'm not as happy as I should be about getting Head Boy at school. It just seems like an effort.
  7. Caucasian Homosexual Athiest.
  8. Even though I barely think about you anymore (mainly because I never see you) when I do see or think about you, my feelings will always return: even if just for that instant. It kinda sucks.
  9. Back in TET? Back on RS?

  10. Definitely, just give me a buzz whenever something's on! :P x

  11. Thanks Maddy! :D You shall have to come to all of my events :P x

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