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  1. Once that happened to me, my blue h'ween mask dissapeared on GE and i never got it back...Don't ask me why, it happened just like to you...
  2. BGS you use for everything, claws just for spec. So stick with BGS :thumbup:
  3. i think its very nice to have phats, but hey, if i had all that cash i'd get 99 in all buyable skill at fastest way possible. Anyways nice bank <3:
  4. String Amulets from Lunar spells are a very good way. I did that when i was lv 83, which got me to 99 in 3 weeks and i spent 35m. Its the fastest way to get it for sure, also very easy and afkable :wink:
  5. Its a nice plan, go for it! Good luck :^_^:
  6. Ofc i would, but he would have too, since his attack would be low. If you wanna be a tanker, for ranging or just tank bosses, then go for def. Otherwise attack is a lot better.
  7. I'd say whip + defender would be better, since you will have a lot more attack stats.
  8. Well over them i prefer to get 99 attack, like i did...its very good since after you get 99 you will hit more accurate...which means you will train faster def or str. Thats my opinion and i love to have 99 attack, its very very good. For me Att > Def > Str
  9. Which type of attack is effective? I forgot :unsure: Thanks
  10. Orange salamanders all the way. Fastest way for it.
  11. -What is the best spell to use? (Level 86 Magic) The best is CoG, but i prefer to use slayer dart, kills in more time but its a lot cheaper. Also hits very well. -Will I always profit? 1 drop you get and you pay for some trips...so i think yes. -Is it better to go alone or go with a team of hybrids? Alone. -How much mage exp should I expect in an hour? 50k xp per trip in about 35 kills...per hour idk. -Would hybriding make more money? Maybe.
  12. 99 prayer is your best choice...like you said you do bosses, burst etc...so prayer you will use everywhere, while the shield not. So get 99 prayer...thats what i think.
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