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  1. I still visit and post every now and then. :)
  2. Nice. I normally buy the 1 year membership during Christmas time when they release perks and stuff. This might be good if I open a new account for Darkscape. :) Thanks a lot.
  3. Dang, god babies and Beiber. I'm scared now.
  4. Hmm the limited slots for GE are a pain and I can see why this might be very hard for f2p accounts. So, basically despite the title of this thread nothing has actually changed.
  5. So annoying! I didn't train my char up to max combat just so some low def players can get boosted stats to kill me. Just to clarify, I'm blaming Jagex and the boost, not the players.
  6. To my mind these armor problems are trivial. At the end of the day you can change your equips. The more alarming thing is auto-attacks not working and having to button mash every few seconds - you can't buy changes to that in the GE. I need to test it more but I think my char was also targeting the wrong mobs when in an aggressive area. That sort of thing needs to be fixed pronto. Maybe... I know, right?
  7. So auto-attacks don't work at all? I am also horrified that people are asking for faster cooldowns. That just means more button-mashing. IMO, slower cooldowns but more damage would be better. ~ fast cooldown - massive button pressing every few seconds ~ slow cooldown - not too much messing about with buttons, you can chat and relax when doing combat
  8. Posted this in the RSOF Feedback thread: I genuinely fail to understand why some things are missing or seem buggy in EOC. Auto-retaliate doesn't work - I went to a place with aggresive spawn. Auto-retal was on. I successful attacked one monster but after I killed it my char just stood there doing nothing even though it was being attacked. What's up with that? Targeting the wrong monster - so in the aggressive place (edge dungeon), after I killed the one monster and my char just stood there not doing anything, I tried clicking on the abilites (hotkey 1,2,3, etc. ) and I got an error message saying "you are already fighting someone else." Um, nope my char was not fighting it was just standing there. The message seems to say that my char was in combat but when I tried to use the abilities it was targeted on the wrong mob. How did that happen when I didn't manually click on any one? Cannot see which enemy is attacking - so okay, since I got that message I tried to click on the monster that I saw attacking me. Alas, there were two/three of them in the same square so I had to right click and try attacking each one by one to find the correct enemy. ~ in the current combat system my char is very intelligent, if someone attacks, my char attacks back with perfect accuracy on auto-retaliate. EOC seems to have unintelligent chars that don't know what to do No macros - in every other game of of this type with abilities there is always a "macro" or chain command where you can set it to do several abilities/spells/actions. For example, you shouldn't have to click 1 10 times, then 2 once every single time. You should be able to create a macro where when you click on it will do several abilities at the same time. I don't mean they will happen at the same time I mean in the same way that when you cook, you only click once and it cooks everything in your inventory. Combat should have a similar option. ~ needless to say I was one of the 20% that dislike it but I think we all pretty much knew that Jagex was going through with this no matter what we said.
  9. meili


    Welcome back although I haven't been playing RS myself.
  10. Well I try not to get too involved in this type of thing, I leave comments here and there but I don't have an actual list or anything. Sorry keeler.
  11. Ugh had problems posting a reply. Long term merching for like 90 days would not be feasible for me since I probably won't be playing 9 days from now. I turn members on and off all the time depending on how much free time I have irl. So I have to do short term. :) Blame it on my lack of focus and short attention span in RS.
  12. Hey myth, long time no see.
  13. Interesting. I hope that the people at Jagex still do want RS to be profitable yet enjoyable for all. I hate to think of outside investors milking all the money out of Jagex then leaving. :ohnoes: Oh and btw my advice as a real life writer, do not argue with criticisms of your articles/articles. You may take that advice if you feel you want to be a real and/or professional writer. Otherwise, feel free to ignore the advice. IMO, just thank everyone for their posts and leave it at that. Real writers never respond directly to critics. Just let them say what they want to say and leave it at that. Once the article has been published then it is published and you are done. The only thing you must always respond or reply to is accusations of factual errors. :-o
  14. TOS is not the same as the law. A company cannot enforce a ToS agreement that is against the law. Simply put laws are way over ToS on a website. For example, if you are an employee and your boss makes you sign an agreement that you will work on Sundays for free, if that agreement is against the labor laws then it is not legally binding. In other words, if the Dutch court says they stole something (virtual goods), then they stole something. Jagex's ToS has no authority over the court.
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