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  1. he was old school, but not a good pker lol kinda like me, praying for a 3 hit everytime so it didnt require catching unless it was a lefty
  2. Hey, i fixed it Adx, your list with mine makes ALOT more sense, that better? Another thing.. i'am going to be heading back up over the mountains today (going back home, i been at my moms this week visiting, she missed her grand baby =) ) anyways i think i got some friends out of this week (Dustin, Adx, etc) former rivals, you guys ain't bad at all i hope life is well to all on tip.it, and you 2 can add me on msn if you want, you might not see me on for ahwhile though i dont got net at my house.. or a comp.. God Bless All =) -TiM
  3. That's just my list, from what i can remember at the moment, i'm sure i've left people out but the footy's about to kick off so i don't care anymore lol I know alot of people think i made friends with the best pkers just so i didn't have to fight them.. I wouldn't befriend most pkers without having killed them already, i made friends with Zorro and Vid early on before they became good pkers (Vid when i was lvl 25 in fact) Baya999 & Blunt IS (miss them guys!) introduced me to sue at round 100 combat and we became a good team after that. I fought alot with Zar when we were noobs.. Well when i was a noob and he was an 85 pure lol.. Only really became his friend because i started bashing Max at the group wars.. If anything i'd backstab alot of people on my list just so i'd have someone to fight :lol: Not sure how many people saw me out pking that much but i didn't back down from a fight, wouldn't matter who it was, i always had plenty of spare sets P.S - Omg you can only have 10 smilies in a post? I just had to do SO much editing there lol! Should be in relation to the size of the post, i'd insert an evil smiley right here had i not already spent my allowance! its been along time man, gimme a break lol as im looking over your list im totally agreeing haha pokey and arkan HOW DID I FORGET THEM
  4. Oh hiya! I can't believe you remembered me and even my level, thanks. :) LOL you didn't put in Sue Me and I met you through him. I still play Rs but it's just a habit nowadays. Back then it was really fun when we all knew each other and had lots of friends and enemies. Nice to hear you are doing well. Cute pic. Psst, try apealing your ban even if it's perm. My friend got unbanned recently and he was perm banned for autocatching. Even if you don't play you could give away your stuff *coigh* or keep it for the memories. i dont remember any of my recoverys or anything.. =( they dont believe its me.
  5. Thanks, i appriciate it. Good to be back and let everybody know how everything has been.
  6. By my personal judgment and experience.. The true foundation to the meaning of "Undisputed Old School and Best all around Pkers" And these are the people that NEED to be remembered for their accomplishments in the wilderness and their flawless Pking Skills! And a Strict Lesson in History, for the New Comers of RSC Or Rs2, THIS is the foundation of TRUE high levels. Adx1 - (Level-120) This guy has to be the beginning of my list.. i don't care if i was full of food and Runes.. pots..etc.. i knew i was going to get my a$$ kicked everytime.. don't really know what he did and how he did it.. but ya gotta give it to him .. best catcher in my book. Sue Me - (Level 118) Amazing catcher.. hardly ever missed.. much respect for his Skills and his accomplishments.. very feared pker. Deadskinmask - (Level-118) like Adx1.. excellent catcher, awesome pker.. always knew what to do and when to do it. Swifty Mcvay - (Level-120) Somewhat of a good catcher.. depending really.. very notorious for his 3 hits, and all around domination one of my best friends i had on Runescape. Robin Hood - (Level-118) *Banned* Like Adx1 and Deadskinmask.. Accuracy in catching was amazing.. if you were no food.. X out or die.. really no choice from there.. very few flaws in his Pking System.. Gogeta Ssj5 - (level 112?) *Banned* Awesome catching, always hit huge numbers at the right time, not so much of a 3 hitter quitter, more of a catch you dead kind of pker. :P Wanted to add "Iampenguin" but judging by his 1 sq no missing back in the day before autoing took over.. i think he was an AutoCatcher.. Kdog3wa - (Level-120) Along side his brothers Deadskinmask, and Swifty Mcvay.. very deadly pair of 3.. not a trio you would want to tangle with alone.. or even with an army at that lol aside from that, i have seen him take people apart millions of times alone. X Shadow X - (Level-115?) Amazing stats at such an early time of Runescape. Known for good catching, and notorious for his 3 hitting. Zar Family 2 - (Level 119) never really a good catcher.. due to bad internet\computer im assuming.. but feared for such a High Lvl back in the day, and domination in his 1 on 1's with his arch rival Max333 - (Level-120) Tyler11 (Level-121) - Known for his 99 smithing to most of the Un-Educated new jacks to the game.. But a very good catcher and his High magic with a mixture of his Unforgiving Fire Waves. Lord Vid: Almost identical to Zorro but he didn't die as much and was possibly one of the most understated pkers out there and much the same as Zorro you had to keep a cheeky eye on him if he was catching and not eating, watched him catch himself to death a few times despite having food Great on Freeplay mainly. Alq: Controversial maybe? I don't care too much what people say about this, Alq deserves to be amongst the best pkers because he had so many enemies, pking for him was extremely difficult and he didn't quit. He was a decent catcher when the server was treating him well (not sure on the connection from russia?) and he was one of the bravest people i fought, i know people ask why say brave on a game? But he wouldn't simply run from me like a number of others our level even though i got him like 16? Times.. Snake and Alq where the only pkers i stayed enemies with but would help against another non-green pker, never jumped them on a kill and never joined in to help kill them unless they were fighting my friends. Great on Freeplay mainly. Bs Arkan: Can't believe people forget Arkan, he was a very good catcher and was a high level Zorro in my opinion.. Not sure how he managed to get himself killed sometimes but it happened, was a very good team-mate for me, he knew what he was doing covering my catches and hearding the ''prey'' away from areas there were NCPS and he would have a bow with him to add a bit of damage.. When RS2 first came out there were alot of people pking on RSC and Arkan and I cleared up, i was averaging 25-35 kills a day with Arkan at that time. Great on Freeplay & Pay to play. Kryptix: Although he's a [rooster], he was actually a very good catcher, not too sure why he ended up autocatching.. Musta banged his head or something His stats were pretty low but he made up for that in pking knowledge, he pked with Me and Sue for a while and without being too bigheaded, he picked up a thing or two, he knew where to cover, how to lure, he was good bait! Had high mage and used it.. Shame he became such a plank really. Better on Pay to play. Kingpin: You either love him or you hate him.. I despised the guy, i'm convinced to this day he cheated lol, Well.. It makes me feel better thinking he did anyway... Pretty good catcher but on p2p his hitting (on me) was phenomonal, think he's the only person i really regret backstabbing because he because such a PAIN! I remember one time i was training with BLOODS & SUPER WEAKENS.. Against just his bloods.. He somehow managed to beat me, convinced he cheated lol.. Almost had a hissy fit! But yeah on p2p he was very very good.. 10 levels lower aswell and he beat me weakened Still bitter after all this time 2 - 1 to me and his was a pj Phenomonal on Pay to play average on Freeplay I Wicked I: I'm gonna put Wicked on because i think he was a pretty good pker, i think he had all the right qualities ego being one.. That's not a jibe i think a certain amount of ego helps a pker! Unfortunately when Wicked played i was lower than him and i think that's what made him a good pker, he picked on lower levels or teamed people his level, again i don't think this is a bad thing - Use anything at your disposal to get the kill.. Only bad thing was when he popped back on and i was his level (and then another time when i was higher) he wouldn't even fight.. Just ran off an logged.. Unfortunate but still a good pker. Great on Pay to play. It's quite hard for me to name too many pkers i think were great if they weren't my friends as most others i either killed or they'd simply log POKEY & Amer: Going to put them both in as one as they're pretty much identical.. Almost the same as Kryptix, they were actually pretty good pkers and had no need to start autoing etc.. They did and that tainted their memory.. Well that and the fact they were both utter planks! Good Freeplay. Earlcar & Justincar: Pain in the arse lol! As a team i think they were pretty good, Earl hit mad good... That could have just been because Justin was weakening but they were pkers i actually had a problem with from time to time and that didn't happen to me a whole lot. Good pay to play. Thund3rcat: Missed him when he quit, he had high levels, knew how to catch, always took mage, was kinda understated, good pker though and a good friend. Great on Freeplay & Pay to play. Max333: I know i know.. No-one's going to believe i've put Max on here.. It's not because i think he was a great pker cause to be honest i think he was pretty terrible.. No lvl 120 should log (full stop) but especially not from me...... On my newb (Jupita - lvl 78 at the time? Though i did kill him with Jup ) He worked his pking quite well.. It got widespread that he didn't eat and ''Gave the low levels a chance'' in my opinion it was just that he was too slow.. But either way he worked a way to have alot of lower levels fight him.. At some point he'd get the 3 hit.. With me they were running from the word go and i'd have to either catch out of food or catch until i 3 hit.. Good on Pay to play. - Doing more searching into it and i dont want to hear the ''why ain't i up there.." it's probably because you weren't old school, i will add more soon. - TiM
  7. Haha. I thought this would be like a really long post from you. What's your daughter's name? She's pretty. When you go to the mall or store or wherever you go with your daughter, look around you, one thing you notice that you never noticed before is everyone has a stroller and a kid. I've been on the net the last two days and looking at forums and seeing a lot of old people posting. It's kind of sad what happened to rs. Not that I'd play it anyway if it never changed it. It was just so much fun back then. I don't really have anything to say but good luck (should I be saying good luck? lol) with the daughter and wife and I would wait on the second kid (y). You're probably at near to no free time now and it will be none if you have another kid soon. This is dsm, by the way. hey dustin, no hard feelings, how is your kid doing? mine is growing ALOT, her name is Natalia Marie Ball, when i have a boy hes going to be Timothy James Ball jr The 2nd cause thats MY name and my FATHERS name, i hope life is treating you well man, good to hear from you, my blessings to you and your son. -TiM
  8. Anyway, hows all my fellow old schooler buddys\rivals doing. I see Zezima is still playing, 1 Billion Experience, jeez.. if it was classic he would be nowhere near that unless he was doing Magic and fishing.. and i like how every no namer has 99 prayer now because of Rs2 being so easy.. it really makes it look like people like Me, Adx, Zar, Rob, etc did nothing to earn 120 because on rs2 what does it take? a day to get a lvl 90 anyway all the old schoolers will be remembered in my book Mr Man86 (me) - Level 120 Adx1 - Level 120 Sue Me - level 118 Zar Family 2 - Level 119 Zorro Toy Level - 110+ Now? Meili Level 115 ? Muahahaha 109 Banned Robin Hood 118 Banned Bluerose13x don't know White Rob10 - Level 120 impenguin - Banned Swifty Mcvay - 120 Gogeta ssj - Level 110 Vmser King Leonardo Kdog3wa - Level 120 Deadskinmask - Level 118 All the people i remember off the top of my head, im so sick of these no namers attempting to make a list of old schoolers when they weren't even playing when we were 120
  9. not even than, cause id run when they didnt move, than they would get away the opposite way :lol:
  10. thx every1, i miss all my friends i hope everybody is doing good yeah runescape was just a game, but all the drama was fun and will forever be remembered. Now i got bigger fish to take care of :-)
  11. Well, Where to begin.. Hmm.. Banned at 120 (1 prayer lvl from 121) 99 Magic.. well.. im sure theres a million storys\rumours or what not.. whatever, you want the real story or care to hear? well pull up a chair, shut up, and listen, Alright, heres the deal, my guy was completly Legit, Until i began Autocatching, (yeah i really sucked at catching, any of my old runescape buddys can tell you that) , sometimes i would play 10-12 hours a day, workin a deadend job Excessive drug use, (Methaphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, pills, alcohol) yeah, your typical loser. Very true well NOW my current life, Anti-Internet, im 22 years old, i work at Les Schwab production, making 15 bucks an hour, i got a daughter now, 8 weeks old, im married to a wonderful successful 26 year old woman, and im very happy, anyways shout-outs to my old buddys Llama, swifty, pixie, keith, etc, im living a regular normal life now, father of 1, working on 2 soon, (i want a boy now) dont get me wrong, i love my daughter more than life it self, (im drug free, alcohol free) any feed back? any questions, drop a line -TiM (NOW YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IF YOU DIDNT..) this is my life right here, my first born daughter (please dont delete tip.it, id appriciate it, its only a baby pic)
  12. ahahaha my naem is war angle ahahah mr maen is so tooopidddddddd ahahahah PLEASE grow up reject.
  13. hey jamil its tim, ( MR MAN86 ) What about me? i was 120 wayyy b4 most of them
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