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  1. I've just read it again! I can't believe I wrote this 6 and a half years ago... I was tempted to write a new version and update as the feeling of nostalgia never leaves me when it comes to Runescape... Sadly, I don't have the patience to type as I once did.... My past self would be ashamed of me lol!
  2. I remember you Des... Possibly the lowest level member of Malicious Intent haha! No less valuable though of course...
  3. Falling and hitting the tree? You mean "you fail to hit the tree" right? If that is the case, get a higher WC level, thats the only tip there is. Perhaps a better quality hatchet too?
  4. I know some people had that program 'speed_set' that fiddled the 'fid' variable in-game and made your frame rate go really slow - made catching somewhat easier, if not a little weird, and 2 sq'ing NW/SE was possible. Perhaps it was simply that then... I still wouldn't judge him for this, if i had known about it i probably would have used it myself - I don't see why a flaw in the game should have stopped us being able to catch those directions in the first place, if someone (3rd party) was able to fix this... Why could Jagex not?
  5. The Arkan that i knew/know didn't auto, i have him on Msn though and believe he joined an armed force (not sure which one) and gave his character to a rl friend/sibling or something like that People that say ''he must auto he caught me every way'' think about it logically... You run into the guy a handful of times and he catches perfectly IT CAN HAPPEN but he certainly didn't kill everyone he came accross and nor did i, i pked with Arkan plenty and saw him miss alot of catches (as did i) but he was an intelligent pker so if i was catching he was stood in the right place to pick up the slack and vice versa so even when we missed a catch the other could pick up and we could re-position. We used to 'play catch' when there was no-one out to kill and he'd miss then too (even when it's fists and there's no eating) Arkan had a great connection and i believe a different Java as he could 2 square a NW/SE catch whereas something would always prevent me doing this, it was never bad positioning or timing the game itself would just not allow me to catch a straight on those axis - i had to either run paralell, one square them (Also hard with my connection) or follow their line until they went straight for a square and get them then. If Arkans character did begin to auto, it was long after the real owner passed it on and shouldn't affect any reputation he previously earned.
  6. I don't think Jagex will ever class their actions to end RSC as a mistake, or at least the 'company' will not class it as a mistake and i agree with that.. From their perspective moving everyone to Rs2 made the most sense in terms of their overall revenue and i believe that this has made them alot of money since. What i think Jagex did not anticipate was Nostalgia, Emotion, Gameplay.. Look at most new Hollywood films & games.. Graphics first content/gameplay second.. This makes little to no sense to me as i remember some of the most enjoyable games of my life being on a Nes/Snes/Master System.. Not an Xbox/Ps3 etc (not to say there aren't some great games on them) but back then developers HAD to make the game about gameplay as they didn't have immense graphics at their disposal and essentially nothing to hide behind.. This was RSC - [cabbage]! But great at the same time.. The community that was created in RSC was something quite special when i try to put it into the context of other online games i've played.. Yes we all though other people were [wagon] etc myself included here i know alot disliked me lol :P but such is life.. I'm not trying to say that RS2 is full of idiots, i'm sure that there are some great people playing that game also but i don't think the same community was ever re-created, people were playing the game for a different reason and have different agendas then they did in RSC. It was this split of people that i think fractured RS - Jagex had to enforce the change to RS2 but some of us had no interest in the game whatsoever (mainly pkers i imagine) and from my eyes the decline began their, it started to emulate modern day society which is essentially a breakdown in communication. RS2 and RSC should have been ran in conjunction.. So you could log on to either and keep the same items - I understand the problems involved with that but to lose such a good game so quickly was quite tragic.. Now i think they've realised that RSC still has market value.. They don't see it as a mistake only another opportunity to make more money. Sorry if this is massively disjointed - I'm not at my house and my dad's about to switch his internet off lol - I might come back on later to amend.
  7. Haha, not really? I honestly don't even miss it anymore! :o I played on Private servers for a little bit and always thought ''God i miss real RSC'' Then when i tried real rsc again i remembered what a pain in the arse it all was & they STILL hadn't fixed the mage wall lol, unfortunately we can't go back in time because i don't think it will ever re-gain it's greatness
  8. Lol... Why? Rs2 is just the poor mans World Of Warcraft If you continue to play and intend to PK you will need AT LEAST 45 magic for Fire bolts but you'll have to put alot of time in to actually be competetive.
  9. UNCER was just some [rooster] that stuck around after RSC died and autoed to max level. I tried RSC again for about an hour when they relaunched and killed him with the items i logged in with from my last play (years ago - had two sets on me rofl) I've not bothered to log in again since so i got three sets on me somewhere lol :P And to previous posts.. Yes pking will be piss poor now because every castle pker has been pking at high lvl on private servers and act like they did in varrock level one.. MUST THREE HIT OR NO IRON!? This is why they tend to run around in teams of 6-10 with god staffs.. RSC pking.. For me has finally come to end and... Probably ;)
  10. I had my second permanent Mute appeal granted after an hour of making it (for the 10th time lol, it was like a Runescape anniversary, i'd try to appeal it every six months or so)
  11. I'm back.. Kinda :) 2 Kills within 10 minutes of logging on.. It's refreshing to see people in the wilderness. Tragically playing RSC (briefly) has made me realise how inept Jagex were when it came to pking, the private servers i've played recently are far superior when it comes to pking - I hope that the mage wall is removed immediately. I've spoken with Sue, he said he might see if he can get his character back as neither of us can remember the password lol :P but you probably won't see us around too much unless anyone wants to donate food/pots/runes :) far too lazy to collect that stuff again nowadays. Someone said earlier about the economy being [bleep]ed because of the Vets.. I think for the first time i'm actually quite happy these people stayed and autoed tonnes of stuff.. It will be able to push RSC along alot quicker.. Rather than nobody being able to pk properly.
  12. Lol... you got Juppy 99 attack? wow haha I thought he stayed low for castle Didn't need Jupita low for castle :) I had Shr3k lol! Jupita - 99 60 99 with 40 prayer & 99 range (legit was 82 60 96 40 prayer 70 range) Shr3k - 52 45 99 with no prayer & 99 range (legit was 52 45 92 No prayer 88 range)
  13. Autoed without a doubt lol and not just for the obvious.. But that thieving exp on paladins (or even ogres getting bloods) with that defence? Doubtful anyone would put up with that, a bot however would smile and continue. I 'improved' upon my pure in a similar fashion but he was a bit better with 99 attack and range, unfortunately he's lost to inactivity. I did laugh at the days last logged in, 3 & a half years ago.. I really lose track of when i used to play rsc lol, i didn't think it was that long ago! My memory still seems fresh.
  14. same... I thought that method was killer.. Lol nightmare.. I made a buncha rangers n dropped the arrows :) Think my first char started as a adventurer then adx1 started as a warrior lol.
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