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  1. Thank You very much, thats what i wanted to know =) i'm 90 slayer and use kuradal as a task master.
  2. Hello, it's been a while since i've last played and had a question about dark beasts. The last time i've played you needed mep2 complete to get these as a task which i havin't even completed part 1 yet. But with them being in kuradal's dungeon is it true you don't need mep2 done to get them as a task? i've looked around but haven't seen anyone confirm this. Thank You in advance =)
  3. Arc Druid because we made out irl. but other then him... fnalig, jadeeyes, tonkinator(rip), Eclab, sir galiga, xbigaboysx.... bunch more that i can't think of seeing it's been a decade -.-
  4. yo, it's aight cuz i'm black
  5. raimus you always pked and died saying it was your last set, which probably was because you always had to beg a certain friend for a new set multiple times a day.
  6. close its about a hour and half away, i'm in the middle of the state, or more like mid-east of it up 281 =)
  7. i want in this circle jerk, i'm just over yonder.
  8. grats, o and put w3 legend on ignore. he has a huge nerd reaction.
  9. yup i was denied on the 26th... owel
  10. yo moldndalsbro what character you playing now days i remember you from a while back =)
  11. well bro its matter of minutes now and mines still pending lol, if i get a response tomarrow i'm going to be one p/o person =\
  12. the person under the text is the one who typed it, its some kinda bug in the game atm i've seen another person type liek that aswell. its nothing to be worried about =)
  13. well its been a week now and still pending =\ i've seen alot of old school pkers who where banned for similar reasons.
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