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  1. Long time everyone, not sure if anyone remembers me. I think about the game time to time, great memories! Hope everyone is well and doing good in life! Take care!
  2. hey bud long time.... definitely message me so we can catch up. my username is basically being passed around like a joint lol. I haven't even tried to log on. hope everyones well - Kyle
  3. so i had given my char away as most players in my day had done not caring anymore, but I been making attempts in order to retrieve my character back. Sucks to restarted in which is not happening because I had devoted my life in my middle school/ high school days now I am in college. Any other options I could do ya think? Like speak directly to a MOD maybe? My char is a 118 I believe, not positive, but I know I am in that area but it's a valuable char to see logged in as someone else when I am standing next to him at like lvl 70 lol. I'd like to come back and see some oldies, would be very fun I think. Also how longs it going to be up for anyway?
  4. Adx that was funny. These kids not only come in teams, but come with only 3 items and run on site of me lol. You can tell who was a pker back in the day, and who was not. Your right Meili, not only does the server have a huge lag, but the cb system is so messed up lol. I never been 3 hit on that server, but I 3 hit all the time. I don't know why but I do it. Also catching is unbelievable. There is no possible way to miss catches, yet these kids are out practicing as if there is a real reason to do so. You just click the person and their caught, there is no more of the logging in and out like rsc to see if I have catch or not, I already know everybody in the server has it lol
  5. I would play RSC for sure, only for stats to be re set as Adx1 previously mentioned. I for one leveled fairly and never once cheated on my main. I was legit, and find it stupid for the autoers and people who had came into the game after most big names had quit, and thought to themselves as a legend or a big time pker for killing the 3 people who still pked. Meili I saw you on p2p if that was really you, your right though it's truely filled with all immature little kids now. Runescape had always been that way, but not one person has anything remotely intelligent to say, nor do they know what the word "intelligent" even means. However, to me I find it fun, but I can only take little kids who were level 50s when I was 118 selling me rune when I needed it on server 1 in Varrock. Now they are big shots because you can get flats in an hour! It's funny to see old schoolers come back, and I pk with them and see how bad we own these kids lol.
  6. Most people live on private servers now which is easier to level like the experience can be about 3x, 5x, or up to 30x. I personally don't see myself ever coming back to rsc because of the fact so many people play private servers they will not play rsc again because the servers are ran by player mods, which makes it even out because there are less autoers.
  7. I stopped wearing womens clothing like 2 weeks ago, i swear! :ohnoes:
  8. I'm never fooled by them, i just ask you or my other friends on MSN for confirmation lol. Lol, i downloaded the client but it won't load and i grew quickly bored! I may be around shortly though lol :) Bro that's so funny because I literally talked to the guy yesterday and was like "Hey why are you posing as a former rsc?" He logged. I literally pked with Adx1 as well, he is a good pker though. Funny.
  9. 40 def on private servers are useless. People do not pk like they used to. It's teaming and 3 itemers. You can tell its all people who could not pk in the day, now that the exp rate is 30x more on these servers people can get flats in a day or two. Kinda stupid, but that's runescape now!
  10. That's a bit silly... In that logic apparently i'm playing on a few private servers too lol (which i can guarantee i am not) well that is silly then considering I gave you full rune and stuff on projectp2p, and gave you mad runes. Nice to know that wasn't you, he has everyone fooled and posted pictures on the site of your kills and everyone envys you lol, thats funny.
  11. Lol you know whats funny dsm. I go to a couple of the private servers, and your neverrrrrrrr gonna guess who's name popped up on highscores! Somebody seemed to have stolen your name, those silly silly boys!! Killer read your pm man, and stop leaving for years and acting like your not my boy no more lol.
  12. thats neat. got anymore interesting info? Yep. He's not a ****head on probation. Oh. Me either. We both got something in common. Is he a nobody like you?
  13. Haha thats a good idea. If they see a large amount of white dots rushing them, they will think Russians came back again.
  14. what about amer, knight steel (was banned for bug abuse I believe), Pufffffin, Dmxkobe8? I can go on for hours about this.
  15. thats neat. got anymore interesting info?
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