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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Buddy must have been pretty desperate to do something like this. Kinda confused to be honest. Either way, will be interesting to hear what happens as things progress.
  3. Anyone else notice they didnt announce any actual content for the next two months?
  4. Not so much the desire to know ranks as to watch my account grow. It tracks levels & exp gains too you know.
  5. www.runetrack.com I love how uninformed users jump to conclusions and make themselves look stupid. Gf.
  6. Just about to checkout the update. I seen the question about banning and they must have. First time on today and runetrack says I gained 93k ranks at 72 strength. Massive ranks in every other skill as well.
  7. Falador & Yanille for towns. I remember years ago POHs were planned in Falador. I used to try and use the overview map to peek even had the house all planned out that I wanted to buy. Brings back a lot of memories. I also spent a lot of time there in my early days. Yanille brings back a lot of memories as well. I used to range blue dragons just south of there a lot on my way to 99 range. It has the magic guild as well. I remember when I could finally access it, I was so excited. Theres a few other places as well.
  8. Complicated? If you can't do math then sites like our very own tip have had calcs for years.
  9. Im waiting for it. Any minute they'll be another post "rofl jkin! we wouldn't do any of that stupid stuff. man, I can't believe you guys fell for that! we clearly don't think you're too stupid to figure out your combat. lolz" Lets hope.
  10. Im sure theyre will always be high levels who risk botting as long as theres a way but i bet theres many more that dont. I gained a decent chunk of ranks. keep up the good work Jagex. =D
  11. Hey all, I started collecting rocks recently in an attempt to even out my skills a tiny because they were becoming way too seperated. In doing this I achieved 70+ all skill total. (The highest I'll be able to reach for a long while as I currently have no plans to train attack and strength :P) I plan to continue on with rocks and other then that I hope to eventually get 99 slayer/summon and maybe crafting later in this year. That'd be nice. Anyways just let me know what you think, heres a runetrack screenshot of the same as below.
  12. I collect brown fremmy shirts. I currently have around 10k of them. Small compared to some but totally awesome.
  13. Hey all, I recently started to notice gold selling ads when browsing tip it forums. I don't think this is the best image for a rs fansite to have to figured id point it out. Anyone else getting them?
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