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  1. This. Why would you quit if you're not actually bored?
  2. Nim

    Money making

    Here are my stats. I currently know how to make 500k per hour (fruit bat and blue dragons) but was wondering if there was any way I could make more? I can't kill tormented demons because I haven't completed Whilst Guthix Sleeps and it would take me about a month to get 270 quest points :(
  3. The cheapest way would be cleaning herbs. You'd make over between 25M-100M. You can clean around 5000 herbs per hour using mouse keys.
  4. At what level do you start profiting with slayer? I'm currently level 59 slayer and I do to Duradel for tasks, but in 95% of the time I make a loss instead of a profit. This is because I have to buy food/potions/cannonballs. People say slayer is amazing profit even if you use cannon, so I was wondering at what level it becomes amazing (or any) profit?
  5. First iron dragon kill was a clue... [spoiler=Rewards]
  6. I constantly get 30 fps, wherever, whenever. However, my ping is awful and can somebody go up to 3000.
  7. Most GOOD ways of money making as of now are by combat. I can make 400k per hour by doing Blue Dragons but this is really boring and I enjoy training non-combat skills more, but there aren't many ways to train non-combat skills whilst making a good profit. Any ideas?
  8. There was nothing worse than having to find 1 plank in 2005 when I was doing dragon slayer! I had to go into deep wilderness, all for one plank!
  9. What's your favourite area of Runescape? Tirannwn, Feldip Hills, Asgarnia, Misthalin, Kandarin, Karamja, The Desert, Misthalin, The Wilderness or Mortytania? Mine would be Misthalin as it has all my memories of when I first started Runescape all those years ago, and it's still where I spend most my time.
  10. Nim

    Next Poll Suggestion

    Even without duplicate accounts, the majority vote would still be the same.
  11. I can't decide and it doesn't really bother me either way. 1. 90 in all skills, not including slayer summoning and farming (I'll get them to 90 eventually). 2. 80 in all skills, not including slayer and farming and 99 smithing, woodcutting, attack, strength, defence,constitution and magic. See my current stats here if you like
  12. I have nothing to post but I'm **new** so wanted to post something. I first joined Runescape is 2005, and joined tip.it in early 2006. I quit tip.it at the end of 2007 but now I'm back. When I first joined tip.it I was totally illiterate and stupid and all my posts were hardly readable and very cringe-worthy so I decided to make another account. Hi.
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